April Progress Update

I cannot believe April has already come and gone!

1.Contact a different friend or family member each day. Check!

2. Increase my daily steps using my FitBit- My goal was to increase to 5,500 steps 5x a week.
Week One (Partial Week): 1/2 days
Week Two: 6/7 days
Week Three: 7/7 days
Week Four:6/7 days
Week Five: 3/7 days

My goal for May is 6,000 steps 5x a week!

3. Host one get-together a month at our home. Check!

4. Get my teaching certification in Maryland. No progress

5. Start ABC Jesus Loves Me Homeschool Preschool with Cupcake. We put this on hold for most of the month of April. We had a ton of activities going on and visitors from out of state, so it was just too difficult. We will resume in May!

6. Return to the FlyLady Cleaning Schedule. Check!

7. Meal Plan each week. Check!

8. Breastfeed Cupcake to 2 years old. Check! And still going strong!!!

9. Increase membership in my local women’s auxiliary by 25%. The mailer just went out to welcome potential new members, so May should be exciting!

10. Short-term goal of the month- I forgot to make a goal last month! I was clearly losing my mind, which was okay because things have been so busy here lately. In May, my goal is plan a fun vacation! My husband has two weeks off at the end of the month and I am so excited! We have not had much time together in 2016!

11. Post progress each month. Check!



March Resolution Update

Okay, this month was better than February. Which isn’t particularly difficult, because February was horrible! I’d love eventually to get back into being on here more regularly, but life is crazy right now. Maybe that would be a good resolution to add in here!

1.Contact a different friend or family member each day. Check!

2. Increase my daily steps using my FitBit- My goal for March was to start getting to 5,000 steps 5x a week.
The first week of March(partial week):3/5 days
Second Week: 6 days
Third Week: 4 days
Fourth Week:6 days
Fifth Week(partial week): 4/5 days
So, overall, not too bad! That’s definitely an improvement.
My goal for April is to increase that to 5,500 5x a week!

3. Host one get-together a month at our home. Check!

4. Get my teaching certification in Maryland. I have all the paperwork sitting on my desk ready to be brought to the post-office! I had a horrifying moment when Cupcake destroyed one of my documents this month, so I sent away to get an updated version. I really need to get on this!

5. Start ABC Jesus Loves Me Homeschool Preschool with Cupcake. We continue to love this curriculum. I need to do a post on this soon!

6. Return to the FlyLady Cleaning Schedule. YAY! This was successful this month.

7. Meal Plan each week. Check!

8. Breastfeed Cupcake to 2 years old. Check! Still going strong!

9. Increase membership in my local women’s auxiliary by 25%. Still maintaining the 6% growth. Due to a delay in some materials, the welcome materials will not get mailed until the end of April, so there may not be much growth until then!

10. Short-term goal of the month- My goal for March was to create an inventory of the items in our pantry and try to use them up! I figure it will not only save money, but also help me with my meal planning. I did this. For our family of three, we only spent a little over $200 this month for groceries due to me using up all of the things in our pantry. Wahoo!

11. Post progress each month. Check!


February Resolution Update

I cannot believe that February has come to a close. I ended up getting extremely sick the first week of the month (and even needed to go to the ER). It was rough and I never quite got caught up until these past few days. Ugh. Here are the embarrassing results:

1.Contact a different friend or family member each day. I did not complete this goal. I spent the first week of the month sick and then spent the next week recovering. I just wanted to hide away and not talk to anyone!

2. Increase my daily steps using my FitBit- February: reach 5,000 steps five days a week. Not even close! I only reached 5,000+ steps 13 days the whole month! My goal for March will be to attack this goal again!

3. Host one get-together a month at our home. Check!

4. Get my teaching certification in Maryland. I have all the paperwork sitting on my desk ready to be brought to the post-office!

5. Start ABC Jesus Loves Me Homeschool Preschool with Cupcake. We started this month and it has been a blast! Cupcake is learning so much. She can count to 10, name so many of her shapes, and is picking up new skills each and every day! I LOVE this curriculum!

6. Return to the FlyLady Cleaning Schedule. No. Just no. I just. No. I only was successful this week. Blah.

7. Meal Plan each week. So, if the month of January was the month of Whole30, February was the month of eat-all-the-food. Seriously.

8. Breastfeed Cupcake to 2 years old. Check! I cannot believe she is going to be two next month! I haven’t even thought of what comes next in our nursing relationship. Ah!

9. Increase membership in my local women’s auxiliary by 25%. Still maintaining the 6% growth. We should get a large influx of potential new members at the end of March, so I am feeling optimistic!

10. Short-term goal of the month- Create a gallery wall in my living room! The materials are bought, but nothing is hung. I did manage to get all of my new pictures ordered and I have a layout I think I want, just no time or energy to put it together. My goal for March is to create an inventory of the items in our pantry and try to use them up! I figure it will not only save money, but also help me with my meal planning.

11. Post progress each month. Check!


Starting Again

Today I did something that I have not done in nearly a year…I went to the gym. The whirring of the treadmills, the smell of the chlorine from the pool, it all pulled me in and made me afraid.

When we found out we would be moving last year, we cancelled our gym membership. Although I tried to keep up with exercising as much as possible, I was not doing as well as I could have. I used our jogging stroller to go on runs around the neighborhood (until Cupcake got too heavy and it hurt my back). I tried to do workout videos here and there. I found it hard to stay consistent without the gym. It was too easy to look around my house and see the chore list staring back at me. There was always something that needed tending to. So, my workouts suffered.

And being a work-at-home-mom, working out became less enjoyable for me. Home was where my family was, but it was also my workplace. And now it was supposed to be my gym. I made a million excuses but the honest truth was I just hated working out at home. I was really unsure about whether we wanted to shell out the money for a gym membership, so I tried to make it work. My fitness suffered. I was cranky. I was getting out of shape. It was not good. Added to that was any decent gym around us was nearly double what we were paying before.

It took some convincing, but I told my sweetie that all I wanted for Valentine’s Day was a gym membership. I wanted a place to go to work out. For this mama, it also had the benefit of childcare! This meant that not only could I get my workout in, I could also shower and get ready after sans Cupcake. I was so excited when he agreed.

But this morning, I was terrified. I did not want to go. I was going to be so out of shape compared to where I was. It was a new place so I had no idea where anything was located. It was also snowing when we woke up and we live in a place not accustomed to much snow. I teach my students online, but the physical campus (located just 10 minutes away) was cancelled for the whole day due to the weather! We only have a car seat in one car, which is the better car for the snow, so my husband would have to take it to work. YAY! I would be able to excuse myself from attending the gym.

Thankfully, my husband gently reminded me how much I wanted this. So at an ungodly hour, the three of us packed into the car so I could bring him to work in the “good” car, then I drove through rush hour traffic (why do they call it that? It should be slow hour traffic). We arrived at the gym just in time for the childcare to be opening. I slowly got changed into my workout clothes, dropped Cupcake off with the providers, and was faced with actually having to workout.

The stats of the workout were not impressive, but they were better than anything I would have gotten sitting back on my couch. I pressed start and that seems like a huge accomplishment in itself. And while I had to work far harder than I used to in the past, I did it.

Have you ever been scared to start something up again that you haven’t done in awhile? Tell me about your “press start” moment in the comments below!



The Magic of a Blink

It’s amazing how quickly time passes once you become a parent. You find out you are pregnant, blink, and then there is that little miracle looking back at you.


Before you know it, you foolishly decide to blink again and your newborn is becoming an interactive little one. Our Cupcake was so fascinated in the world around her and loved exploring. Every day was an adventure. You are happily going along when the urge to blink hits once more. Suddenly your infant has transformed once again.


Now you have a baby. She can play. She can coo. She certainly can tell you in her own little way what she likes and doesn’t like. A personality emerges. Time passes as it always does and you let those eyelids touch for but a moment and instantly a toddler is born.


These days are punctuated by a flurry of energy. Movement is the name of the game. What is this and how does it work motivates their world. Life is so fun as you crawl, walk, climb. But just as you settle into your new life of action, that blink is waiting.

IMG_7008Now you have a kid. Not a big kid, in global terms, but a bigger kid than you’ve ever known. She not only walks and talks, but she has opinions. Strong ones. And she knows how to express them! Not every adventure is a new one, but it is always an adventure. Don’t blink just yet, mama.



The Liebster Award Part 2


The super sweet ladies at Betrothed Babies Blog nominated me for this award and I have to be really really honest. I was having the worst day. A dig down deep into your soul and reach out for grace kind of day. So thank you ladies for bringing a smile to my face!


The Liebster award is passed from blogger to blogger to get recognition for new or smaller blogs. (Blogs with <200 followers)  When you’re nominated for the award, you have some rules to follow:

  1.  Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award
  2. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer 11 questions the blog give you
  4. Nominate 5-11 blogs with less than 200 followers you think are deserving of the award
  5. Let the bloggers know you nominated them
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer

So, I have been nominated for this award before, but I am totally going to do it again because I love it!


11 Random Facts About Myself:

  1. I love peanut butter! But only if it has no/low sugar. I don’t like sweet peanut butter.
  2. My big sister and I have birthdays one day (and nine years) apart.
  3. There are seventeen years between my oldest and youngest sister. Although it’s a big gap, I love the way our family is formed and it makes me really happy that we are now all in similar stages of life.
  4. I am a terrible swimmer. I can swim, but not much beyond enough to save myself.
  5. Christmas Eve is my favorite holiday. All the excitement about Santa is running through the air. There is just a certain magic about Christmas Eve.
  6. Growing up, my best friend lived on my street. Every day we met “halfway.” We’d spend our summers walking around the block talking about who knows what. We definitely walked well over 5 miles a day.
  7. My childhood dog was a Westie named Scooter. He was the laziest dog ever, but barked like crazy at every boyfriend I ever brought home – except my husband 🙂 Scooter approved of him apparently!
  8. I bake nearly every dessert from scratch. Except Funfetti cake. I just love Pillsbury’s version, no matter the chemical soup that is that recipe. I just love theirs best.
  9. I taught elementary school for four years. Those kids were my babies and I think about them all the time. We have since moved from that state, but oh I wish I could have watched them all grow!
  10. Wizard of Oz is my favorite movie of all time. I have a Wizard of Oz themed bachelorette party!
  11. I sing all day. I love to sing. I am not the best singer, but Cupcake doesn’t know that yet, so she asks me to sing all day. It’s the best!

Questions for me to answer:

  1.  If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I’d eat pizza! So many different topping options which can totally make pizza work for everything from breakfast to dessert!
  2. What is your favorite childhood memory? It’s impossible to pick one favorite, but one of my favorite memories was going to see the Olympics in 1996. We went to go see track and field and during one part of it, they played the macarena on the loud speaker. It was amazing to be doing the macarena with people from all over the world! It was amazing.
  3. Describe the best vacation you’ve ever been on. The best vacation I ever went on was when Chris and I went to Puerto Rico. We got engaged during sunrise on our first morning. We spent the rest of the trip just the two of us going on some amazing adventures. It was perfect.
  4. Are you a dog or a cat person? Dog, but I own two cats!
  5. If you had to change your career, what would you pick? I don’t know! I loved being a classroom teacher, but also love being a work at home mom now. If I had to do something else, maybe I would be a children’s book author.
  6. Which famous person (living or dead) would you like to have lunch with and why? Jesus. I don’t think a why is needed.
  7. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Being late. I hate it!
  8. If you could have one super power, what would it be? To calm people down instantly.
  9. You had the worst day at work – what’s the one thing that will make you feel better? Chips and guacamole with my sweetie.
  10. If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you pick and why? If I could maintain my sense of taste, then I would pick smell. My sense of smell is way off the charts and it’s actually really difficult as it makes me really sensitive.
  11. What’s the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars? Contact a financial advisor!

I am going to nominate the following blogs:

Ups and Bumps

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Memoirs of a Running Mama

The Beautiful Life of Ms. Nealia Jade


Since I’ve been nominated for this award before, I also invite anyone who is reading to participate along with us! It’s a great way to get to know some new faces in the blogging world.


Here are the questions for them to answer.

  1. What was the last thing you ate?
  2. If you had to give your high school self one piece of advice, what would it be?
  3. You just won the award for being the best *blank*. What award did you win?
  4. What is your most prized material possession?
  5. Who is the best cook you know and what is the best thing they make?
  6. If you won an all expense paid vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  7. Where is your happy place?
  8. Are you more of a glass half full or glass half empty person?
  9. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you do?
  10. Which season do you like best?
  11. Where do you do most of your blogging from?

Hope you all have as much fun as I did! For anyone joining in, please leave your link here so I can read your answers!





January Resolution Progress

I have long believed that reflection is a great way to keep yourself on track. Each month I post progress on my New Years Resolutions. Overall, this month was not too bad!

1.Contact a different friend or family member each day. Almost perfect! I missed one day, but doubled up the next day to make up for lost time. I love this goal because it really helps me stay accountable for contacting the people I love rather than waiting for them to contact me.

2. Increase my daily steps using my FitBit- January: collect data. Over the month of January, my average monthly steps was around 4,500 . My goal for February is reach 5,000 steps five days a week.

3. Host one get-together a month at our home. Check!

4. Get my teaching certification in Maryland. Not yet! This is a must for February!

5. Start ABC Jesus Loves Me Homeschool Preschool with Cupcake. January has been spent planning furiously. We start the first week in February!

6. Return to the FlyLady Cleaning Schedule. I started using the baby steps again this month (which she recommends to do before getting into the cleaning schedule). Since I had done it in the past, I was able to get through the baby steps quickly as I had retained some of them from last time. Halfway through the month, I returned to her schedule and it has helped so much. It keeps me on track so I do not waste time trying to think of where to start!

7. Meal Plan each week. Check! We even started a Whole30 near the end of the month (currently on day 14!) and the meal planning has helped so much! Our food budget has been kept in check and we’ve been eating so much healthier.

8. Nurse Cupcake to 2 years old. Check!

9. Increase membership in my local women’s auxiliary by 25%. Since the year has started, we have grown by 6%! Wahoo!

10. Short-term goal of the month- Make a major career decision between two fields. This goal was perfect for this month. A few days into the year, my boss approached me about an opportunity that really helped clarify what I want to do. I want to stay in my current field of education and continue to grow and develop in that way. I will continue to do work in the secondary field as it comes up, but I am excited for the growth path I am currently on. My short-term goal for February is to create a gallery wall in my living room!

11. Post progress each month. Check!


Resolutions for 2016

Last year I tracked my resolutions each month to see the progress I was making. I found this to be extremely helpful as it kept me on track. In the past, I quickly forgot my resolutions and by the time February rolled out I had abandoned them. Since it was so helpful last year, I will continue to track my resolutions here and share my successes and failures along the way!


In this age of technology, I am quite adept at texting. It is fast and I can do it anytime. My friends without kids often operate on slightly different schedules than I do and so texting has become my fall-back. A phone call seems inconvenient, but it can be more meaningful than a text. So, my goal is to contact a different friend or family member each day. Phone calls will be preferred, but texting will be ok if that is all time permits. I hope this will help maintain and strengthen the relationships around me!

I received a FitBit for Christmas and I am loving it! The watch is set to a goal of 10,000 steps a day. While walking 10,000 steps a day does not feel realistic at this point in time, it is certainly something to work toward. My goal is that I will increase my daily steps. This will require me to collect some more data through January, but I think this is a good goal since I can constantly monitor it through my watch and adjust my day’s activities as needed.

We have now lived in our new home for just over seven months. We left a wonderful support network of family and childhood friends. Thankfully, we’ve been blessed to meet many wonderful people here! In 2016, I want to work toward strengthening those ties. I would like to host one get-together a month at our home. We meet up with others frequently out and about or at other people’s homes, but rarely here. I would like to change that!

I love being a work-at-home mom. I get to hang out with Cupcake and also still remain in the working world. Prior to Cupcake being born, I was a teacher. Since we moved states, I need to transfer my teaching certification to our new state. It is important that I get my teaching certification in Maryland for several reasons. One, it gives me the option if I ever need/want to go back to teaching. It also makes sure that I do not lose any of the paperwork I collected before we left Connecticut. Finally, it makes sure that I get my certification before requirements change and somehow prevent me from getting it!

As I mentioned, working from home is great. It has taken me several months to find the right groove and rhythm to give Cupcake what she needs and also get my work done. I initially found myself relying way too much on electronics to keep her occupied when I was up against a real deadline. A friend of mine also works from home. She mentioned a homeschool preschool curriculum she was doing with her son. As I researched it more, I realized it was exactly what I needed. It helped to give me more focus in my time with Cupcake and it also provided activities to help build up her stamina for “work time.” My goal is to start the homeschool preschool curriculum with Cupcake this year and continue throughout the year!

In 2015, I used a cleaning schedule to keep myself organized through the first part of the year. Once the craziness of us moving hit, it was hard for me to stick to it identically, because there were so many other things to do! I am hoping to return to the FlyLady cleaning schedule this year so that I can have a more organized home. With so many responsibilities, it is often hard for me to keep track of everything. Since she puts together the schedule for cleaning, it is one less thing I have to think about.

Eating healthy and sticking to our food budget are two challenges I have worked on in the past. My goal for this year is to Meal Plan each week. This will help me in several ways. I will be able to plan ahead so there is less temptation to reach for the Mac and Cheese box. It will also require me to look at what we already have in the house so that I can avoid waste.

My goal in 2015 was to breastfeed Cupcake all year long. With her second birthday approaching, I am starting to feel ready to wean for several reasons. We’d like to expand our family at some point in the future and Cupcake’s frequent weaning schedule will make that difficult for us all to manage. So, my goal is to nurse Cupcake to 2 years old unless she chooses to wean earlier. I will take it month by month at that point!

I recently has the opportunity to start volunteering with a local group. This group has been instrumental in helping to get me established in our new state and has introduced me to some women that will become life-long friends. I want others to benefit from this group as much as I did, so my goal is to help increase membership by 25%. This is a highly ambitious goal based on based trends, but I am going for it anyway!

My last major resolution will change from month to month. I realized that although the long-term goals were awesome, there were different things that popped up throughout the year that I wanted to include and short-term goals are important. So this will be a changing goal! In January my goal will revolve around a career decision. I have two opportunities that sort of put me at a crossroad between continuing my education in one area or starting my own business in another. My goal for January is to research both options and come to a decision by the end of the month what I am going to do!

My last goal is to blog about my progress each month. This kept me accountable last year and I am hoping for the same this year!

Happy New Year’s everyone!




PS What are you resolutions? Post them below! Also, if you have a FitBit or recently received one, let’s be friends! It is great motivation when I know someone else is looking in on me!

December Reflections

As part of my 2015 resolutions, I post my status each month to keep myself accountable for the goals I set for myself!

I am so happy to have the past year to reflect on. Some goals I achieved. Some I did not, but that is okay. It is all a step in progress and something I will continue to work on in the new year. I highly recommend setting these goals for yourself and checking in each month. It really has helped me to be accountable and achieve more than I would have otherwise.

Now, on to my goals.

1. Design 2015 budget goals with husband to reflect past spending and current saving goals.

My goal for December was to stick to our holiday budget and hopefully even come out a little under. We did very well! We came under our gift budget (by $3.61!) and managed to be significantly below budget on all other holiday related expenses such as hosting parties, holiday cards and traveling. Wahoo!

2. Go to the gym (or workout at home) a minimum of four days a week.

No. My sweetie DID get me a fitbit for Christmas, though, and that has made me feel much better.My first day wearing it, it was a very rainy day, so we just hung out at home. That all being said, at the end of the day, I had walked an estimated 2.6 miles and burned over 1900 calories! I do not have a large house by any means, just a VERY active toddler.

3. Reduce my PR of a 9 min mile pace to an 8 minute mile.

I completed a 7:57 mile in April. This goal is complete!

4. Try one new recipe a week and blog about it.

I put this on the back burner. It just became too busy to keep up!

5. I want to continue nursing Cupcake through 2015, unless she chooses to wean earlier.

CHECK! I did night wean her earlier in the month and it was such a good decision. I have been sleeping better, which makes a much happier mommy!

6. Visit my grandma every week before our move. Call her every week after we move.

For the holidays, we went back north and were able to see her again. Yay!

7. Text/call/email a different friend every day to keep communication open.


8. I will cut my monthly consumption of soda.

I had one can of Coca-Cola. After months of a strong aversion, it tasted good! However, I barely could drink the whole can and my few sips satisfied my desire for soda for quite some time.

9. Subscribe to FlyLady Emails. Complete tasks to maintain clean and decluttered home.

My goal for December was to manage the holiday craziness and keep the house in order for the many events we have. Check! The house managed to stay relatively clean throughout the holiday.

10. Reduce time spent watching TV

My goal for December was to start researching activities for the cold winter months so we do not rely on TV once winter hits! I found a great resource online that I will be implementing in the new year. It is essentially a homeschool preschool, and right up my alley. It gives me a chance to be more intentional in my time with Cupcake and provides plenty of great activity suggestions. I cannot wait to get started!

11. Post progress each month on the above goals.


Adventures in Nightweaning 

My dear sweet Cupcake has always been an avid nurser. She suffered from reflux and I think this just served to increase her frequency. All throughout the first year of her life, I would rise several times throughout the night to breastfeed my little girl. It was our special quiet time together. 

Sure, I was tired. There were days that I’d get frustrated, but overall it was a great experience. In the dark she’d need me, her mama, and nothing else could soothe her. As she got older she developed the habit of gently rubbing my arm or twirling my hair as she drifted back to sleep. 

Before Cupcake was born, I had no expectations for breastfeeding. I thought I’d try it and take it day by day. Weeks passed into months and then a year quickly arrived. Cupcake was still nursing 3-4x a night. I was exhausted. 

I was too tired to enjoy the nighttime feeds, but also too tired to cope well during the day. I was suffering. This was when we decided it was time to nightwean Cupcake. I researched various methods and decided that Ferber seemed like the best fit for us. 

I channeled my former elementary teacher self and drew a big poster. I included the “rules” and room for us to record what happened. The first few nights were horrible. Cupcake didn’t sleep. We didn’t sleep. She was a mess during the day and was extremely clingy. Her naps got all screwed up. I pushed on. This had worked for so many people and I knew that if I just pushed through, we’d get through this sleep-deprived tunnel. 

After a week, Cupcake still showed no improvement. Things just were getting worse. I had followed the plan perfectly and it had not worked. She was not ready. I returned to nursing her on-demand at night and my happy little girl returned. 

A few months later I was done. We had just moved several states away from all of our family and friends. My husband had started a very demanding job and I felt alone. I was tired and stressed out and again found myself pouring over parenting websites looking for help. 

I learned that it was normal for babies to still wake through the night at this age. I searched some attachment parenting sites, found support, and resumed nursing her through the night with lifted spirits. I was tired, but not alone. 

As Cupcake grew, we had a few nights where she’s sleep for four hours straight, but those were rare. I was starting to really not enjoy nursing Cupcake all night long. So, I again turned to the Internet and found reference to Dr. Jay Gordon and his method for sleep training.

This is the general idea: The parents select a seven-hour window where they will not nurse. He suggests 11p-6a. On nights 1-4, mom will nurse the child anytime before 11p. If the child wakes up between 11-6, mom will nurse, but will put the baby down awake in his/her crib. Mom will hug/cuddle/sing and comfort baby. The baby cannot get more milk unless they fall asleep. If they fall asleep and rise again, mom repeats the process. After 6am, mom resumes breastfeeding as normal. On nights 5-8, mom will NOT nurse baby between 11p and 6a. She should still comfort baby, but not offer milk until 6am. After night 8, mom will continue to NOT breastfed between 11 and 6. Additionally, she will not pick up baby if (s)he wakes up during those times. Mom can still rub baby’s back and continue to talk or soothe baby. Overtime, baby should stop requesting milk and will hopefully stop waking up during that time. 

Here’s what happened in our house:

Night 1- Cupcake woke up at 10pm. I nursed her as normal and she went back to sleep. She woke up at 1:30a. I briefly nursed her and put her down awake. She called out for more milk, but I told her that “milkies” were sleeping. She cried and asked me to hold her hand. It took her about an hour to fall back asleep. She woke at 6:08 and I nursed her as normal. We survived night 1! 

Night 2: Her first night waking wasn’t until 1am. I was scared of this scenario, since now she was going to be going from 7p-6a without milk. But it was only day 2, so I decided to push on. Again, some (a lot of) hand holding did a lot of good and she slept until 6:30am! Wahoo! 

Night 3: She was really hard to put down for bed tonight. She kept screaming for more milk and wouldn’t settle. I prepared myself for a long night. It was also my husband’s first night back home after a week of night shift. Cupcake woke at 10 and I nursed her. She woke at 2:30 and would not go back to sleep. After trying to console her for over 45 minutes, I walked out of her room. I put on my headphones and listed to a nighttime meditation to block her out. She must have fallen back asleep because I didn’t hear anything from her again until 5:15. In my half-wake state, I picked her up and started nursing her. Whoops! She was then up for the day! Yuck! 

Night 4: huh?! She nursed at 10:30 and then slept until 7! This was great! I was a bit bewildered  by the extra sleep! I was happy, but also a little sad because this was the last night we’d be night nursing and she slept  through it! 

Night 5: I was so scared of this night. No night nursing. How were we going to manage that? I decided I’d offer her a sippy cup of water so I didn’t have to worry she was thirsty. She woke up 10:59 and I dashed to her room to fit in one more session. I kissed her little baby face a million times and may have gotten a bit emotional. I knew this was the right choice. I was happier and more well-rested. I needed this, but it was also sad to see that part of her babyhood end since I knew it was me that was pushing for it. She woke at 12:30. I went in with her water and she cried for milk, but after a few minutes settled for cuddles and water. She woke at 5:47 and I rationalized that she couldn’t tell time so I went to go nurse her. I was greeted by a happy little girl saying, “Hi mama!” Success! 

Nights 6-8: I adjusted her times from 11-5a, since she wakes almost every day in the 5 o’clock hour. With a quick nursing, she goes back to sleep for another hour or two! 

Tonight I supposed to be night 9, where I stop picking her up. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet, so I’m going to continue what we’re doing because it works for us! 

She has been so much happier these days. I think she is benefitting from the extra sleep. I think having a well-rested mommy is also helping! While this method certainly won’t work for everyone- it worked for us!