March Resolution Update

Okay, this month was better than February. Which isn’t particularly difficult, because February was horrible! I’d love eventually to get back into being on here more regularly, but life is crazy right now. Maybe that would be a good resolution to add in here!

1.Contact a different friend or family member each day. Check!

2. Increase my daily steps using my FitBit- My goal for March was to start getting to 5,000 steps 5x a week.
The first week of March(partial week):3/5 days
Second Week: 6 days
Third Week: 4 days
Fourth Week:6 days
Fifth Week(partial week): 4/5 days
So, overall, not too bad! That’s definitely an improvement.
My goal for April is to increase that to 5,500 5x a week!

3. Host one get-together a month at our home. Check!

4. Get my teaching certification in Maryland. I have all the paperwork sitting on my desk ready to be brought to the post-office! I had a horrifying moment when Cupcake destroyed one of my documents this month, so I sent away to get an updated version. I really need to get on this!

5. Start ABC Jesus Loves Me Homeschool Preschool with Cupcake. We continue to love this curriculum. I need to do a post on this soon!

6. Return to the FlyLady Cleaning Schedule. YAY! This was successful this month.

7. Meal Plan each week. Check!

8. Breastfeed Cupcake to 2 years old. Check! Still going strong!

9. Increase membership in my local women’s auxiliary by 25%. Still maintaining the 6% growth. Due to a delay in some materials, the welcome materials will not get mailed until the end of April, so there may not be much growth until then!

10. Short-term goal of the month- My goal for March was to create an inventory of the items in our pantry and try to use them up! I figure it will not only save money, but also help me with my meal planning. I did this. For our family of three, we only spent a little over $200 this month for groceries due to me using up all of the things in our pantry. Wahoo!

11. Post progress each month. Check!