Hi! Welcome to The Joy of Momming- my little space to share all of my adventures as a mom. Momming is my word that encompasses all I do as a mom. I have a passion for healthy eating and frequently share recipes my family loves. I love to write about my daughter and all the silly things that happen as I figure out this whole being a mom business!

I have one beautiful daughter, affectionately nicknamed “Cupcake.” She is a bundle of energy who always keeps me on my toes! Cupcake is quite determined and loves to explore the world around her. I have a wonderful husband who definitely helps ground me. He and I met during his first year of medical school and my first year of teaching. Within a few months we were engaged, and never looked back. He is my best friend and watching him “dadding” is one of my happiest happy’s.

I am so happy to have you here with me!


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  1. I seriously liked the word momming. Making a verb out of a noun is so much appropriate for the context. Imagine husband comes home from work and asks ‘what were u doing all day at home today’? And the answer would be ‘I was momming around the house’. 😀 It would be a pleasure for me joining you in your momming journey.
    – Anamika ( thats my name other than being known as mom these days)

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      • You will be amused to know that the meaning of my name ‘Anamika’ in the language ‘hindi’ (which is my first language) is having ‘no name’. So going by literal meaning I have no name. 😉

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