November Reflections

As part of my 2015 resolutions, I post my status each month to keep myself accountable for the goals I set for myself!

Ugh. I am SO late on this. The holiday craziness has set in and while I am totally loving it, I am definitely having less time these days!

Now, on to my goals.

1. Design 2015 budget goals with husband to reflect past spending and current saving goals.

My goal was to set a budget for the two week vacation we had in November.  We did wonderfully! We were able to eat out and with all of the saving we’ve been doing all year, I even managed a great surprise for my hubby’s 30th birthday. We got massages, went out to his favorite upscale restaurant, and then spent a night at a hotel while my sister watched Cupcake. It was HEAVEN!

My goal for December is to stick to our holiday budget and hopefully even come out a little under. I’ve been making many gifts from scratch, so I am excited to see how well we do!

2. Go to the gym (or workout at home) a minimum of four days a week.

No. Just a big no. It’s cold and I have no motivation. I am my own worst enemy here. I think it was too big of a goal for me with no gym membership or warm weather to go out in!

3. Reduce my PR of a 9 min mile pace to an 8 minute mile.

I completed a 7:57 mile in April. This goal is complete!

4. Try one new recipe a week and blog about it.

I am putting this officially on the back burner. I hope to return to this in 2016!

5. I want to continue nursing Cupcake through 2015, unless she chooses to wean earlier.

CHECK! We did spend one night away as mentioned above, but otherwise we’re trucking along just fine!

6. Visit my grandma every week before our move. Call her every week after we move.

We got to see her in PERSON twice this month, which was awesome! I LOVED it!

7. Text/call/email a different friend every day to keep communication open.


8. I will cut my monthly consumption of soda.

I had no soda in November.

9. Subscribe to FlyLady Emails. Complete tasks to maintain clean and decluttered home.

My goal for November was to continue to work on my cleaning schedule as we have several visitors coming for a weekend this month and I want to be on top of the situation so there isn’t a mad dash to clean the house. I was successful and had a clean house!

My goal for December is to manage the holiday craziness and keep the house in order for the many events we have.

10. Reduce time spent watching TV


My goal for November revolved around trying to find ways to get Cupcake involved in the cooking process on some evenings so that way I can eliminate that TV block! She has become quite a good cook and helps often. I will post a blog about this soon!

My goal for December is to start researching activities for the cold winter months so we do not rely on TV once winter hits!

11. Post progress each month on the above goals.

A few days late, but check!

Elimination Diet – Halfway There!

I recently entered the phase of the diet where I am able to reintroduce potential food triggers. It has been interesting to try out all of these foods. I have become much more aware of my body and how it reacts to foods. These are my impressions thus far.

I have tested out soy, nightshades (tomatoes and peppers specifically), eggs and peanuts. Soy is in so many different things and I was finding it difficult to find replacements for other foods that I am not allowed to have yet. I figured if I could have soy, I would have a much wider availability of certain foods. Soy caused no migraine reaction at all! I know soy can be a major trigger for many people, but it does not seem to be for me. YAY!

I was really missing eggs one morning, and although I had planned on holding off for a little, I decided to change my order up so I could enjoy the nice breakfast my family was having. Eggs gave me no migraines and I felt fine! Another success!

Reading through my past posts, it’s like an ode to peanut butter. I really LOVE that stuff. Throughout these past few weeks, each time my husband made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or ate a peanut butter granola bar, it was like a little dagger to my heart. And I’m not exaggerating. I love that stuff! So I hoped and prayed it would all be okay! Thankfully, no migraine! Unfortunately, it upset my stomach a little. I also had a really hard time sleeping that night. I am not calling it a total loss, but I will definitely be doing another peanut butter trial again in a few weeks to see if it was just a weird coincidence or if I really should be avoiding the most delicious food ever created by humankind peanut butter.

Yesterday was the start of my nightshade trial. I was so excited to get to try it out, but really nervous. The majority of my recipes have a tomato base to them and I was nervous that I would react badly. I had survived the past month on this diet without tomatoes and peppers and anything spicy, but it was hard! Yesterday I lived it up. I had salsa with my vegetables and made my favorite homemade tomato sauce (served over rice pasta). It was amazing. And thankfully, I have had no migraine symptoms! I did have a bit of heartburn last night, but I really went crazy enjoying my tomato sauce- so that is no surprise!

Looking forward, I will soon be introducing dairy. Since I have had issues with dairy in the past, I will be introducing different types of dairy. I will start with those with low lactose levels and move from there over several different trial days. I am also hoping to get in my wheat trial before Thanksgiving! I do think I will allow myself to take a stopping point at Thanksgiving and reintroduce the foods that I have trialed successfully. I plan to spend about two weeks with my newly approved foods

One thing I have noticed is that my body definitely was thriving on the elimination diet. My skin was so incredibly smooth and I had a lot of energy. Over the past few weeks of introduction, I have noticed my skin slowly getting worse. Even when I remove the trial food, it still does not get better. I wonder if this is more hormonally related. Another possibility is that some combination of foods is causing it. I am going to take a few days to return to the strict TED and skip the next trial so that I can try to evaluate this further.

Wish me luck!

October Reflections

As part of my 2015 resolutions, I post my status each month to keep myself accountable for the goals I set for myself!

I am continuing to try and find time over here, since I have recently started two new part-time positions. Along with my new title as a work-at-home-mom, I am finding not enough time to get on here! Balance is hard to come by and I am hoping once I get in the swing of my second job, that I will be able to find my new normal.

Now, on to my goals.

1. Design 2015 budget goals with husband to reflect past spending and current saving goals.

My goal for October was to plan out our holiday budget for family members. We came up with a budget and I am hopeful that we will be able to stick to it.  I have a few DIY gifts that I am planning, so I am hoping they do not become extremely time consuming, since I already feel short on time.

My goal for November focuses around the fact that my sweetie gets a two-week vacation this month! In residency, he is assigned vacation time, rather than being able to take it as he wants. We have waited a long time for this vacation to come around and I am over the moon thinking about it. We will be traveling some and eating out and probably spending more money than we typically do. My goal for this month is to set a budget for his vacation time so that way we can still allow ourselves the ability to go out and enjoy, without totally blowing our plans!

2. Go to the gym (or workout at home) a minimum of four days a week.

I really got back in to running this month. There were several days where I ran four miles WITHOUT stopping! When I set my resolutions in December, I never thought I’d be able to do that. However, I did! I also tried out Bikram yoga for the first time. Such a cool experience that is very unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I even managed to snag a babysitter one week when I hadn’t had enough time to work out. Major win!

3. Reduce my PR of a 9 min mile pace to an 8 minute mile.

I completed a 7:57 mile in April. This goal is complete!

4. Try one new recipe a week and blog about it.

I am struggling with this resolution. I definitely am trying new recipes every week, but I just have not had the time to blog about it. Realistically, I do not know if this will happen in November, either. I am hoping to find more time to put toward this blog soon, as it is really important to me!

5. I want to continue nursing Cupcake through 2015, unless she chooses to wean earlier.

CHECK! I am getting frustrated about the nighttime feeding. She had given it up for a glorious week and then got sick. Even after she got better, there were still at least two wake-ups a night. We seem to be moving toward just one wake up most evenings with a very early start to the day. I have told myself that I will not push her nursing habits through the remainder of this year, but 2016 does not have any plans for Cupcake nursing through the night regularly!

6. Visit my grandma every week before our move. Call her every week after we move.

I pitifully failed this month. October was a hard month all around, and I know I put this too low on the list of priorities.

7. Text/call/email a different friend every day to keep communication open.


8. I will cut my monthly consumption of soda.

I had no soda in October.

9. Subscribe to FlyLady Emails. Complete tasks to maintain clean and decluttered home.

My goal for October was to go back to the FlyLady methods for laundry so that I can hopefully get on top of the mess that was September. I definitely am moving in the right direction there! I also have been doing a good job keeping a pretty regular cleaning schedule.

My goal for November is to continue to work on my cleaning schedule as we have several visitors coming for a weekend this month and I want to be on top of the situation so there isn’t a mad dash to clean the house.

10. Reduce time spent watching TV

Cupcake is a very early riser (5 am AT THE LATEST). I often will put on the TV first thing so that way I can wake up more slowly, make breakfast, and have my coffee. I experimented with moving in to play time together first thing, which just resulted in me and Cupcake both being extremely cranky. I do not think I am well-rested enough at this point to mentally manage a change like this right now. It is more important to me that I continue to nurse her than moving her away from Sesame Street. I will say that once breakfast starts, I switch the TV to a music station, and she does not ask for it again until the late afternoon. TV is my best ally in cooking dinner, and I think I am okay with that.

My goal for October was to spend the month researching fun and easy alternatives for me to help increase Cupcake’s stamina for independent play so that I did not feel so tempted to put on the TV. I certainly have worked with her on this and I have found that she will play by herself very well, after her AM TV time. The only TV I watched for myself was two episodes of Big Bang Theory the whole month!

My goal for November revolves around trying to find ways to get Cupcake involved in the cooking process on some evenings so that way I can eliminate that TV block!

11. Post progress each month on the above goals.

A few days late, but check!

Elimination Diet: Reintroduction Phase!

Well, folks, I am nearing the end of the most stringent part of my elimination diet! I am both very excited and very nervous. That is because what comes next is the reintroduction phase. Basically, my food-world will be revolving around three day cycles. On Day 1, I will introduce my new food item at breakfast. I will monitor over the next few hours to see what, if any, symptoms appear. If all seems well, I will have the item again at lunch and dinner. On days 2 and 3, I will return to my elimination diet and monitor any adverse symptoms.

Interestingly enough, overly positive symptoms-sudden increase in energy for example- can actually be a sign for an intolerance! There is one test called the pulse test. You take your pulse before and after the offending food item. If your pulse rate increases soon over ingesting the food (and it cannot be attributed to exercise or outside stimulus) it may be an indicator of any issue! I wouldn’t have expected that, but I found it pretty interesting!

I am still not quite sure the exact order in which I will be introducing foods, but we will be starting with the items less likely to cause migraines and less likely for people to general intolerances to.

Major offenders for migraines include all of the following: deli meats, anything with MSG, caffeine, nuts, hard/preserved cheeses, citrus, bananas, beans, avocados, yeast, artificial sweeteners, and chocolate. From past food diaries I have kept, I know nitrates (often found in hot dogs) and artificial sweeteners are major triggers for me! According to the European Food Information Council, the foods most likely to cause an intolerance are lactose (found in milk) and gluten. This will help form the trajectory of the reintroduction phase. I am hoping that by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, I will have been able to test twelve different items! I purposefully chose to start this Elimination Diet when I did because so much of the Thanksgiving meal is already elimination-diet friendly! I can eat turkey, sweet potatoes, green beans and pumpkin to my heart’s delight! My goal is that by Christmas, I will be able to go back to a more normal diet, as I will have tested over twenty items and hopefully identified a few triggers along the way.

As I said, I am very excited about this next phase. It will bring some old favorites back into my diet, even if only for a short time. On the other hand, I am nervous. I quite honestly feel great on this eating plan. I am not sure if it is just all the healthier choices I  have been making since I cannot grab for a quick snack or always eating homemade meals or if I have a true intolerance. I do know that I feel awesome. And the reintroduction phase is all about finding the foods that make you feel not-awesome. I am purposeful setting myself up every three days to play Russian Roulette with my system. Am I ready for that?

I guess I better be, because I start tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Two Weeks Down!

Oh my goodness, how time flies! I cannot believe I have been at this elimination diet for two weeks. Fourteen days may not seem like a lot, but it can be a long time to avoid so many foods. Although I have had a slip-up (hi communion wafer) or two, overall I have been spot on!

When I originally started, I was so nervous. What was I going to eat? How was I going to feed my daughter and husband the very foods I was avoiding and not be tempted to cheat a little? The first week was, admittedly, rough. This second week has been like night and day! I had to keep reminding myself what day it was because the food changes I made were so good! I am loving all these new recipes I’ve been making, so I do not feel deprived at all!

I do have to admit, I already added back in a food. Coffee (yes, it is a FOOD in my momming world). I knew that if I could just have a tiny bit of coffee, I would eliminate my one craving. So after speaking to the professionals, this was the plan we came up with: I have one of those reusable Keurig cups. I could fill it half way with coffee. Then, I would use the same amount of water that i usually do. I would further dilute the coffee with rice milk (homemade) to reduce the caffeine content per ounce. Finally, I could take half of that cup in the morning and half in the afternoon. This is the level of caffeine I am allowed for the time being until I complete all food challenges. Then, if I still am experiencing symptoms, we will taper off the coffee altogether.

People- hearing this was like the heavens opened! Once I actually did the math to figure out how much caffeine I would be getting on this regimen, it is essentially like they put me just a step above a decaf coffee, but it is enough. I do not find the coffee makes me alert, but it certainly helps alleviate some of the morning fog. It is probably more psychological than physiological, but I don’t care! Totally worth it.

In terms of how I am feeling overall- I cannot believe how great I feel. Friends have commented that I look “different” and that I am losing weight. Although I have dropped a few pounds, it is mostly all water weight since my bloating is almost nonexistent. I have had no migraines at all. My skin is completely clear. My dandruff is gone. I’ve always had these weird bumps on my upper arms (almost like whiteheads, but they never go away). They seem to be significantly reducing! I am sleeping better. This will seem odd, but for the first time in a long time I can remember my dreams! I have since learned that dream recall has long been tied into vitamin and mineral levels! My moods feel much more stable this week than they have in a long time.

My improvement in so many symptoms can be tied to a multitude of factors. 1) I could have an intolerance. 2) My water intake has sky-rocketed since I am not allowed many beverage options 3) I have having an insane amount of fruits and vegetables 4) I am not eating out at all 5) I have to cook everything from scratch, so that often eliminates me snacking. I am sure it is a combination of all of the above!

Be on the lookout for more recipes to come soon!

Elimination Diet Results: Week 1

I am a week into this Total Elimination Diet (TED) and, well, I don’t love it. I mean, I don’t hate it. But I could really go for a cookie. Actually, that’s not even true. I’m not missing cookies or really any other sweets. I miss beef. Like a good medium-rare burger. I did suffer from anemia in the past, so totally legit reason to introduce beef sooner rather than later because of how delicious it is iron. Right? I digress.

Day 1:

Woke up feeling ready to go! So excited! Loving life! I had prepped and prepared and felt good to go. For the most part the day went well. I definitely crashed into bed that night, so happy that one day was down!

Day 2:

I slept really well last night. I woke up feeling pretty chipper. It might be my imagination, but my bloating doesn’t seem as bad as usual. My acne looks a bit better, too, but that must be unrelated because seriously 24 hours of this TED could not have made a difference, right? We’ll see.

I also am unusually cold and tired by 8am. Then I see my beautiful Keurig. Did you ever notice  how pretty they area? No? Oh, okay. Well, I miss my coffee. I think at this point it’s more the warmth factor than the caffeine factor. I do some jumping jacks instead. This helps for about five seconds. It is also freezing outside, so that probably is not helping things. I decide to start cooking dinner at about 10 am, just so the house warms up. I make butternut squash soup and roast the seeds (yes, just like with pumpkin!). So delicious and makes for a wonderful early lunch.

When Cupcake goes down for her nap, I try to lay down, too. I’m just so tired. I walk over to the Keurig and think that maybe just a half cup of coffee couldn’t be that bad. I debate asking a babysitter to come so I can go out and get decaf coffee. I Google “Can decaf coffee really cause migraines?” The answer is yes. I feel sad. I make an allowed tea (green and black tea is out) and barely drink any of it because I cannot add anything to it and I want to have a pity party. At this time, I develop a headache and become pretty darn cranky.

I struggle through the rest of the day snacking on chicken breast and grapes. After dinner, Cupcake desperately wants to go outside. I take her on a walk. I end up even more cold, so we come home and have warm bath/showers. I feel much better. I go to bed without my late night treat and that feels weird, but also ok, because I’m pretty full from my dinner- spaghetti squash with chicken, zucchini and onions. So yummy. I crash into bed and fall asleep very quickly.

Day 3:

Cupcake woke up at 3am I amazingly feel not too miserable, but know this day would be a lot easier if I had some coffee. I make myself hot water. I seem to have lost 3 pounds- probably from an insane amount of fiber I am now consuming. A lot of water weight, too, as I definitely am noticing less bloat. My muscles hurt a little and I am very cold. I eat ground turkey for breakfast with quinoa and feel quite full. Acne seems to still be improving. My headache is going away, but my legs kill. It feels like I did 100 squats. I have no energy to do even one, so not sure what that is about.

I am really liking most of the food I am eating, but I am running out of my butternut squash soup, so I know I will need to get that. Soups have been my best friend in keeping me warm! I manage to take a nap midday, which usually is really hard for me to do. I go to bed at 7:30pm and fall asleep very quickly.

Day 4:

Today was NOT good. I wake up feeling well rested, despite having crazy dreams all night long. I have lost another two pounds, bringing my total to five. I am back to my “normal” zone after having been insanely bloated for the last few months. I don’t actually want to lose anything below this, so am hoping to regulate out here. My skin feels very smooth. My headache is definitely gone. My leg pain is better and I’m hoping I’m through the worst of it. Then, I get to church.

I kind of did not think through the whole “communion” aspect of church. We only have communion once a month, so it was not even on my mind as I planned this out. I get in the line for the gluten-free communion. I seriously debate getting up in the middle of church to find someone to give me the ingredient list, but don’t. I should have, but I didn’t. If I had a real allergy, that’s one thing, but this is just to identify migraine triggers and potential intolerances-so I feel silly. I say an extra prayer and eat my communion. I also took my old multivitamin out of habit, which includes trace amounts of soy. WHOOPS. This all happens within a 2 hour time frame. I get a small tummy ache, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I’m worried that I just messed it all up.

Part of me thinks, screw this plan. I already messed up, might as well have something I really want. I go to the grocery store as planned and see so many things that are on the “banned” list. Nothing actually seems appealing, except maybe the coffee. Mostly, I just want to get home and start making more butternut squash soup. So I buy my squash and go on my way.

The rest of the day is fine, but my leg pain comes back with a vengeance and makes it hard for me to fall asleep. Boo.

Day 5:

Today was not a good day at all.

I woke up with a ton of leg pain. My congestion, which had seemed to be improving, is back. Probably due to all my mistakes yesterday. I feel tired. I also am so cranky. I owe my family apologies for this day! Literally everything is annoying me right now. Work- annoying. Cats- annoying. How cold I am-annoying. I get so fed up with the diet that I spend a good amount of time googling if I am insane for attempting this. I weigh myself and am up 2 pounds and definitely feeling bloated. I will definitely need to check the ingredients for that communion matzo we have at church! I probably should hide my old multivitamin. I finish out the day with my sweet husband making salmon and baked sweet potatoes for dinner. Cupcake inhales the salmon!

On the upside- my skin looks great! It is so smooth. I usually get a lot of pimples under the surface-so they just look like skin-colored bumps. In the last month, they have been all over my face in a level I never even saw as a teen. However, it definitely seems better.

Day 6:

I wake up an hour earlier than normal and actually feel pretty alert. I have some leftover quinoa and ground turkey for breakfast. I try to give Cupcake her typical egg breakfast, but she spies the salmon in the fridge and begs for it! I am so excited she is starting to like fish, because I still don’t really love it. I only give her a small amount (to limit her mercury intake) and mix it in with her eggs. She is in heaven and nearly licks the plate clean! I am jealous of her delicious egg and hope that when I challenge eggs, I do okay, because I love them. Also, they’re in everything- so there’s that.

We head off to our playgroup and it is at this amazing local tire park. Cupcake has a blast playing with her friends. I am completely worn out chasing after her! I need coffee. I miss coffee. ALL I WANT IS COFFEE. I am cranky. I know this. I try to not show it, but mostly I want to crawl under a blanket and cry a little. I am wicked emotional on the way home and end up crying to half of the songs on the radio. Cupcake eats a quick lunch and goes off to nap.

I turn to the pantry and thrust open the side of the “banned” substances. I think and plot and plan. Then, I remember I have a phone date with a friend and call her instead. While on the phone, I grind up some rice to make homemade cream of rice. It isn’t the most delicious snack in the world, but it fills me up to the point where I don’t want anything else even after we get off the phone. I decide to lay down and get a quick nap before Cupcake is awake.

The rest of the day is pretty busy. Hubby has to work late, so thankfully Cupcake is well-behaved, since I do not have my normal patience. I go to bed around 9 and manage to fall asleep pretty easily.

Day 7:

I cannot believe I’ve made it a whole week. I mean, I did have my whole communion-snafu, but oh well. I hate to say it. I don’t want to say it. I think I’m unfortunately feeling better. I say unfortunately because that means that there probably is something really bothering me. Aside from the initial no-more-coffee headache, I have been headache- and migraine-free! I also am definitely less bloated and my skin looks great. I am sleeping better and seem to be *ehem* digesting things better, too. The biggest negative symptoms I am still experiencing are fatigue and being emotional. I hear these can be food intolerance symptoms, too, so I will just wait it out a few more days and hope those disappear soon.

I wake up feeling relatively alert. I have noticed the past few days that my mouth still feels very clean first thing in the morning. That’s a random bonus. I am down a pound from yesterday, making it an overall total of four pounds lost this week. I really thought I’d miss sugar more, but really what I crave is salt. I am allowed that on this diet, but I want to be careful I am not adding too much. I will want to watch that in the upcoming days.

My mood seems more stable than yesterday and I have a good deal of energy. I have not yet attempted a formal workout during this first week, but decide that today is the day. I go for a run in the afternoon with Cupcake and then we play hard at the playground before dinner. It feels good and my mile time is steady, so I feel like I have been doing a good job of making sure I get enough of the nutrients I need.

Looking forward to next week:

I am starting to get a bit bored of my current rotation of meals. My in-laws are also coming into town, so I will have to carefully plan my meals so that I can be an accommodating host and not drive everyone (including myself) crazy making multiple meals. I have been told that if I go a second week headache free, there is a slight chance I will be cleared to trial a small list of foods that are unlikely to cause a reaction, but will provide me with a more well-rounded diet. Fingers crossed!

Elimination Diet Day 1

And so it begins…

I woke up this morning, ready to go.

Breakfast before…

Oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter and cinnamon. Half a cup of coffee with soy milk and sugar. Water with lemon.

Breakfast now…

Homemade Cream of Rice (recipe to come!). Grapes. Water.

Breakfast was easy. I’m used to oatmeal, so cream of rice was not a huge departure. In the days leading up to the diet, I knew I had to learn to make some yummy cream of rice, so that’s what I did! I find it much harder to get in my water without the lemon in it. I suppose I could try putting berries in it? Or apple slices overnight to infuse it with flavor? Hmm.. Without my peanut butter and coffee, I definitely felt hungrier earlier than I usually do, which lead to SNACK TIME!

Morning snack before…

Share whatever Cupcake is having- graham crackers, animal crackers, veggie straws. More water with lemon.

Morning snack now…

Apple. Water.

I  know that I snack whenever I am bored, so thankfully we had a fun morning outing. Cupcake and I met up with friends and went to a local library with a giant playroom. That helped distract me enough until the ride home. I was so hungry! I got a little grumpy when Cupcake wanted to nurse before lunch because this mama wanted to eat. I also made the foolish mistake of not prepping any protein last night, so thankfully we had stocked up on some smoked salmon. Yum!

Lunch before…

Typically leftovers from the night before or a sandwich. Other half a cup of coffee with soy milk and sugar.

Lunch now…

Smoked salmon over a big salad (no tomatoes or peppers). Water.

I put Cupcake down for a nap and sat down at my computer. Nap time is usually the time I do laundry, clean the house, blog, work my online job and…snack. I love a good afternoon snack. I started getting really cranky as I opened the fridge and started the mental list of no’s.

That delicious looking cheese stick that is for Cupcake? No. The empty space where my beloved peanut butter used to sit? No.  The leftover deli meat that my husband is using for sandwiches for a few more days until he joins me on this torture plan? No.

But then I gave myself a mental pat on the back because most of the other temptations were gone. What I had to begrudgingly admit was that I mostly saw yes’s. Grapes? Yes. Apples? Yes. Leftover Cream of Rice? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

So I reached for an apple and some baby carrots and settled back down. I also drank a ton of water, hoping to fill me up. I certainly took care of my physical hunger. My emotional hunger was not satisfied. I moved my laptop from its normal place within eyesight of the kitchen to the basement and did the rest of my work there. Cupcake woke up ready and raring to go! We ran around the house and colored and read. She even helped me while I prepped the butternut squash for an amazing new soup recipe!  

PM Snack before…

Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies (delicious!), Teddy Grahams, Cheese Sticks, Yogurt- not all of these at once!

PM Snack now…

Apple. Water.

My husband is working nights this week, so he joined us for an early dinner before he had to head off to work.

Dinner before…

Typically protein (beef, pork, tofu, or chicken), grain (typically pasta or rice) and a side vegetable

Dinner tonight…

Rosemary chicken and butternut squash soup (recipes soon!). Water.

This was the easiest meal of the day! It was pretty typical for us. We usually include tomatoes and peppers in most recipes, so that was a little odd, but nothing that couldn’t be worked around!

I was feeling great! Hubby went off to work. I gave Cupcake her bath and put her to bed. I was on a roll!

But then I was alone. No one would know if I snuck some of Cupcake’s snacks. I could open up the peanut butter jar that I know is hidden somewhere in that pantry and just have the tiniest little bite. But then I realized that if I did that, I was just making it harder on myself. I would have to start over. It would take longer to get all of the crap out of my body. It was not worth it. I mean, maybe it’d be a little worth it in the moment, but it wouldn’t be worth it in the big scheme of things. Instead I settled for an approved dessert.

Nighttime Snack before…

PEANUT BUTTER, chocolate, ice cream, popcorn

Nighttime Snack now…

Leftover Cream of Rice with vanilla, cinnamon and chopped apples. Roobios tea.

I am not even kidding. I think I liked my dessert better than usual! It was so good! I also think I should probably take out stock in rice because I will be going through it like a crazy person! I am so full and that dessert was definitely satisfying. 

So, Day 1 is done. Food wise it wasn’t toodifficult, in retrospect. It definitely is more of an emotional challenge than I expected. I love my food! I had been warned that it could get worse before it gets better, so my current problems include acne, minor headache (probably due to lack of caffeine and weather changes), bloating, fatigue,  and hair falling out (could just be postpartum hormones since Cupcake has cut back on nursing lately). Hopefully these will start to lessen soon!

I won’t be posting every day with what I eat, but will check in soon with updates on how it’s going!

Talk to you soon!


The Night Before…

You know how right before a big storm the whole town seems to shut down? The birds flock home. There are no squirrels in sight. The whole world is eerily quiet, holding their breath, waiting for the storm to appear. That’s my world right now. Okay, maybe that’s a tad bit melodramatic. But, I really feel like I am preparing for something bigger than just an elimination diet.

Today I did our grocery shopping to stock up on all the goodies I need to get me through the next few weeks. It all started with cleaning out the entire pantry to remove any of the major temptations. I moved on to not restocking the fridge as we ran out of delicious things like cheese, and tomatoes, and eggs. I have not made any homemade bread in two weeks. It had been feeling a bit empty (although our food budget was sitting more happily than ever!).

Today I went out and stocked up on turkey, rice, quinoa, fruits and vegetables galore. I feel ready.

But, now I am just waiting. It probably shouldn’t be such a big deal. It’s not like I will be restricted on my calories. I think I’m just scared to have to change everything. There will definitely be no eating out over the next few weeks. I will legitimately miss peanut butter. Nearly all of our favorite recipes are on the “not allowed” list. Even when we can start adding foods back in, it will  be a slow process. I love to cook, but having to prepare every meal from scratch feels a little daunting. Will I be able to resist when Cupcake tries to hand me a piece of cheese to lovingly share? That kid LOVES to share and I realllllly love her snacks! Ugh.

I know this all will probably seem silly in retrospect, but I am honestly nervous about the next few days. I say this completely seriously, how am I going to be without any caffeine? I have been slowly reducing my intake, but I am still nervous. Will I be cranky? Will I be able to be patient with Cupcake? I’ve used coffee as both a pick me up and a appetite suppressant at times, so how will that change? I will miss my coffee! Clearly therein lies the problem. Since when should we have such a relationship with a specific food?

What makes peanut butter, coffee, or sugar so special? Okay, maybe the coffee has an explanation. But, still! I really want to consider why I have such a dependence on these food items.

For much of my life, I relied heavily on prepackaged foods. Diet sodas and low-fat foods were the norm. I thought I was being healthy. As I’ve started cooking more and exploring what food I’m putting in our bellies, I’ve realized how important food is. It is not just fuel. It is more.

So, while it might seem silly, I think I’m ready. I am ready for the mental part of this elimination diet. I am ready to start feeling better, even if it means temporarily feeling worse. I am ready to take charge of my own body and finally know which foods are causing me to feel so terrible. I am ready to start to move away from my heavy dependence on added sugar. Since when did fruit become not sweet enough?

I have stocked my fridge. I have prepared extra fruits and vegetables and rice so that I never catch myself too hungry. I can do this. I am ready to see what changes happen over the next few weeks. Let’s go!

September Reflections

As part of my 2015 resolutions, I post my status each month to keep myself accountable for the goals I set for myself!

This month I have not blogged pretty much at all! Life has been a whirlwind. The universe gifted me with two incredible job opportunities that have left me with not a whole lot of extra time. I also went back home for a few days to visit my parents and in-laws and effectively went off the grid for awhile. It felt great. I am finally settling into a new routine and am ready to introduce a new blogging series for October!

Now, on to my goals.

1. Design 2015 budget goals with husband to reflect past spending and current saving goals.

My goal for September was to learn about Dave Ramsey’s budgeting. I read his books, his websites, his blog posts- pretty much anything I could find. My husband and I sat down with renewed energy to tackle our budget and to make some big changes. One of those I mentioned above; I started working again! I have two work at home jobs that I am absolutely loving. Once Cupcake goes down for a nap or for bed, I quickly hop on my computer and get to work. This new addition to our income line will greatly help us toward our savings goals. This was a successful month!

My goals for October are to plan out our holiday budget for family members. If I can start figuring out what we want to gift this year, we can hopefully start to DIY some gifts and look for deals on those we cannot make. Our holiday season gets compounded with our anniversary and a multitude of family birthdays (including my mom’s 60th and my sweetie’s 30th!). Setting a budget this far in advance will really help!
2. Go to the gym (or workout at home) a minimum of four days a week.

This was successful with the exception of one week where I only worked out three times. I have been running around our neighborhood a lot as the weather starts to cool down a little! It has been wonderful. I also acquired an Ergo baby carrier so I can take Cupcake on hikes!

3. Reduce my PR of a 9 min mile pace to an 8 minute mile.

I completed a 7:57 mile in April. This goal is complete!

4. Try one new recipe a week and blog about it.

This was a big NO. However, this will certainly change in October as my Elimination Diet begins and I am will have the challenge of cooking a little differently.

5. I want to continue nursing Cupcake through 2015, unless she chooses to wean earlier.

Check! We were doing so very well with sleeping through the night until she was hit with a whopper of a virus. All the kiddos (and most of the adults) in the neighborhood have been suffering from colds, coughs, and terrible sore throats. The other little ones have also been waking up throughout the night, no matter how old they are, so I cannot entirely blame Cupcake for her lack of sleep. I am sure that once she feels totally better, we will get back to normal.

I definitely cannot imagine her wanting to wean any time soon, but yesterday she went a whole six hours without nursing DURING THE DAY (with me right there with her!). She had the option and still did not nurse! So, although it’s hard to believe, she really will wean some day. Until then, we shall forge ahead!

6. Visit my grandma every week before our move. Call her every week after we move.

I had the joy of surprising my Gramma with a visit this month. It was so joyful! She has been really sad lately about a situation with a friend, so it was great to connect with her. I know she adored seeing Cupcake and Cupcake had so much fun exploring my Gramma’s room!

7. Text/call/email a different friend every day to keep communication open.


8. I will cut my monthly consumption of soda.

My goal for September was to have no more than six 8-oz servings, but the August trend continued. I just don’t really have a taste for it these days. This is a GREAT thing as I am headed into my Elimination Diet, where soda is definitely not allowed. Coffee, on the other hand, I literally have no clue how that’s going to go. Won’t you all have so much fun laughing at my misery reading about my experience.

9. Subscribe to FlyLady Emails. Complete tasks to maintain clean and decluttered home.

This month I had to completely overall my cleaning schedule. Prior to my new job opportunities, nap time was clean time. Once Cupcake fell asleep, clean time again! My house looked great. I eventually switched to “an hour a day” mode. Now, I spend an hour a day cleaning. I set up a rotation throughout the house and start in a different room each day. If I have any extra time, I move on to the next day’s room. It has been working really well, except that my laundry keeps getting piled up! I HATE having piles of laundry everywhere.

So, my goal for October is to go back to the FlyLady methods for laundry so that I can hopefully get on top of this situation!

10. Reduce time spent watching TV

So, this whole month, the only TV my hubby and I watched was one of the Republican Debates on CNN. Totally worth it.

Unfortunately, I lost the internal battle I have with Cupcake and the TV. I am really struggling there. Instead of cutting her time, it seems to be growing. Ugh. It makes me really unhappy, but I have not done much to stop it. This month I needed time to finish a work project, and *poof* on went the TV. I had to finish dinner and Cupcake wouldn’t play alone? TV. Why is TV so magical?!?!

My goal for October is spend the month researching fun and easy alternatives for me to help increase Cupcake’s stamina for independent play. I feel like if she could play better on her own, I would not feel so tempted to turn to the television. I will work at using the first few days of the month to observe how long she can play independently and work to increase it to a level where I can get a good 15 minutes for her to play independently.

11. Post progress each month on the above goals.