Outfit of the Day


Cupcake is so sick. My heart is breaking for her. She has refused all naps, unless I hold her. Her minor fever from teething is growing. She has barely slept the last few nights. To top it off, when daylight broke I noticed she was covered in a terrible rash. I wouldn’t be too concerned usually, but my happy little baby is a wreck. She isn’t playing, laughing or smiling. My heart is so sad because I can’t even help her understand what’s happening.

We have a doctors appointment in a few hours, so I’m praying it’s nothing serious!

My OOTD features my momming essential Moby wrap! Literally wouldn’t have been able to eat or drink these past few days since all that soothes Cupcake is mommy cuddles.

(Side note: the magical ability of my cuddles making Cupcake feel better makes me really feel like I can’t be totally screwing up this mom business, right?)

Fingers crossed it’s just a virus and I’ll get my bouncy baby back soon!

Outfit of the Day

When you are a stay at home parent, you have many options available in terms of wardrobe.

Want to wear heels and a dress while you chase after your toddler? More power to you! Want to rock pjs all day? Comfy and cozy! Want to be the fashionista in the mommy group and wear the latest trends? Cool.

None of these apply to me. (Well the pjs sometimes.)

I am not fashionable. I don’t wear heels unless it’s a big night out. If I wear pjs all day I feel frumpy.

Since I breastfeed 99% of the time, my outfit needs to be very accessible. So my mom uniform consists of jeans, a tank and a cardigan almost every day. If Cupcake naps well in the morning, I may even attempt makeup!

So, here’s my OOTD with my favorite body-slimming accessory: a cute baby to distract!