April Progress Update

I cannot believe April has already come and gone!

1.Contact a different friend or family member each day. Check!

2. Increase my daily steps using my FitBit- My goal was to increase to 5,500 steps 5x a week.
Week One (Partial Week): 1/2 days
Week Two: 6/7 days
Week Three: 7/7 days
Week Four:6/7 days
Week Five: 3/7 days

My goal for May is 6,000 steps 5x a week!

3. Host one get-together a month at our home. Check!

4. Get my teaching certification in Maryland. No progress

5. Start ABC Jesus Loves Me Homeschool Preschool with Cupcake. We put this on hold for most of the month of April. We had a ton of activities going on and visitors from out of state, so it was just too difficult. We will resume in May!

6. Return to the FlyLady Cleaning Schedule. Check!

7. Meal Plan each week. Check!

8. Breastfeed Cupcake to 2 years old. Check! And still going strong!!!

9. Increase membership in my local women’s auxiliary by 25%. The mailer just went out to welcome potential new members, so May should be exciting!

10. Short-term goal of the month- I forgot to make a goal last month! I was clearly losing my mind, which was okay because things have been so busy here lately. In May, my goal is plan a fun vacation! My husband has two weeks off at the end of the month and I am so excited! We have not had much time together in 2016!

11. Post progress each month. Check!


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