April Reflections 

Ugh. People. It’s been bad. Real bad. With all that we have to do to prep for our move, I’ve barely had time to think. Much less focus on blogging or these resolutions. This wil be brutal, but here it goes…

As part of my 2015 resolutions, I post my status each month to keep myself accountable for the goals I set for myself!

1. Design 2015 budget goals with husband to reflect past spending and current saving goals.

We found our dream place! It is in our budget, although near the top. We will definitely have some new budget changes  as we start to figure out what our new life will cost! 

Our May goal is to try and make our move as cost effective as possible! 

2. Go to the gym (or workout at home) a minimum of four days a week.


3. Reduce my PR of a 9 min mile pace to an 8 minute mile.

My April goal was to get an 8:05 minute mile.

I ran a 7:57 mid-month! This goal is done!!!!!! In high school I could barely run a 10 minute mile so this is  huge for me! 

4. Try one new recipe a week and blog about it.

With our oven broken still, this goal is not shaping up how I want. Until we move, this resolution is effectively on hold. 

5. I want to continue nursing Cupcake through 2015, unless she chooses to wean earlier.


6. Visit my grandma every week before our move. Call her every week after we move.

Complete failure. So disappointed in myself. 

7. Text/call/email a different friend every day to keep communication open.


8. I will cut my monthly consumption of soda.

In April, my goal was to drink no more than 3 servings of soda a week.

One week I went over, but it’s still an overall better scenario than it was before! I notice that when I’m stressed I turn to soda the way some turn to wine. 

My goal for May is no more than 3 soda servings a week again. Hopefully I can achieve this goal despite the stress of moving! 

9. Subscribe to FlyLady Emails. Complete tasks to maintain clean and decluttered home.

With packing being a primary goal, FlyLady will need to wait until we are officially settled. 

10. Reduce time spent watching TV

My goal for April was focused on reducing my overall TV watching a day. It was a really odd month because we were frequently traveling to find a. Ew place and attended a few weddings. This naturally gave me significantly less time to watch tv. Most weeks I only watched whatever I had on the DVR. 

The only exception to this was we watched quite a bit of TV relate to the riots in Baltimore. As this was a major news story in our soon to be new home- I feel like it was acceptable! 

My May goal will be to only watch something I have on the DVR (unless another major news situation pops up). This will reduce TV time by eliminating the time I spend watching commercials. 

11. Post progress each month on the above goals. 

One Lovely Blog 

The sweet Cassie over at My Real Life Moments nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award a few weeks back. Things have been crazy around here lately, but I really appreciate the nomination! 

The first part of this award is telling you seven things about me! 

  1. I come from a family of four girls. I am number three! 
  2. I decided to take a pregnancy test with Cupcake because my husband had a dream that he came downstairs and saw a little blonde haired girl who looked like him, but had my large eyes. Lo and behold, that’s exactly what we got! 
  3. I have been waiting for March 20, 2015 for years. My husband is in his last year of medical school and 3/20 is Match Day where we finally find out where my husband matches for residency (and where we are moving!)
  4. I am the first of my friends to have a baby. It is both really special and lonely all at once.
  5. I live in my Grandparent’s house. My Grandpa died before I was born and my Grandma passed when I was in sixth grade. I love sitting in different places in the house knowing that they were there.
  6. I’d take chips and guac over flowers and chocolate any day.
  7. When people 

Now I need to nominate 15 bloggers to pass this award on! 

The Liebster Award

A big shout out of gratitude to Cassie at Real Life Moments for nominating me for this award. She is a mommy blogger who shares her adventures with her husband and her adorable baby girl. I really appreciate it!



Here are my questions to answer:

1. How did you get started blogging?
When I was first pregnant with Cupcake, I kept a private blog that I would turn into a book for her. As I started reading other people’s blogs, I was inspired to start a public one of my own to share. I love writing and connecting with new people.

2. What do you like most about blogging?
I love the connections I can make. It is so cool to “meet” others with similar experiences. I love learning ways I can improve what I’m doing and sharing what works in our world!

3. What do you like least about blogging?
Sometimes I feel like I have nothing meaningful to say. It also requires me to be more open than I would naturally. One of my New Years Resolutions includes sharing recipes, even when they’re flops. I feel like some people try and paint the image of the perfect life they have. Mine is far from perfect, and sometimes it makes me nervous putting that all on display.

4. What would be your dream job?
Writing for a living. I have always wanted to write a children’s book and have completed a few. Now it’s just getting brave enough to try and get them published! I would love the opportunity to be able to write while staying home with Cupcake and any future children I may be blessed with!

5. What is your favorite thing about you?
This is a tough question! I guess my favorite thing about myself is how emotional I am. I know some would see that as a drawback, but it is actually my greatest strength.

I connect easily and quickly with people. I am quite empathic and find it easy to relate to others. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to have more control over my emotions so that others’ negative feelings do not rub off on me nearly as much. I’ve learned how to use my emotional side to my advantage.

6. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be?
I’d like to be able to be able to give Cupcake and our future children the opportunity to reach for the stars. I’d like to have enough that they are not held back, but not be spoiled. Being financially able to provide would be wonderful.

7. What would your personal paradise be?
I absolutely love walking in the reservoir during the middle of the week when it is relatively empty. Being in the woods is so peaceful for me. I always feel recharged after connecting with nature.

8. What is your guilty pleasure?
I love chips with guacamole and a nice cold Coke! Yummmm

9. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Flying! It would be so convenient and I imagine quite peaceful up there!

10. Do you have any pets? If so what?
I have two cats named Oreo and Styx. Oreo absolutely adores Cupcake and cuddles with her while we put her to sleep each night. Styx got her name after the River Styx from Greek mythology. She wasn’t so nice and kind of standoffish. However, she loved me! Styx used to be my little baby pre-Cupcake. She is slowly warming up to the baby.

11. Are you glad you are done with these questions?


11 random facts about me:

1. I have an unhealthy love for peanut butter. I consume an embarrassing amount! I am extremely picky, though, and actually prefer store brands over brand names because nearly all of the brand names add sugar to their “natural” peanut butter.

2. I got married on my little sister’s birthday! I loved the date (12/21/12) and thankfully she said it was ok!

3. I have my Masters in Elementary Teaching and taught for four years before Cupcake was born. I’ve taught first, third and fifth grade.

4. Although I loved teaching, all I really wanted to be when I grew up was a mom!

5. Most teachers have a hard time coming up with baby names due to former students. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, so we went to the hospital with several names for both. Every name we had was also the name of a former student!

6. I love going to the movies.I watch movies at home all the time, too. It’s one of my favorite pastimes.

7. I was attacked by a dog when I was little. I still am a little skittish if a yellow lab gets too close.

8. We currently live in the same house my dad was raised in. I absolutely love that Cupcake’s nursery is the same as his. She took her first steps here, just like he did. I wash dishes in the same sink my grandmother did. I will be so sad when we move.

9. I have given up ALL dairy for Cupcake. She had horrible reflux that was greatly impacting her. Even with her medication, it was too much. I cut out dairy and within three weeks she went from getting sick several times an hour to only a few times a week. This girl reallllly loves her cheese and chocolate!

10. My favorite food is tacos. I can eat a ridiculous amount. When DH and I first started dating, he did not believe me when I said I could easily eat 6 tacos in one sitting. We ordered 12. I ate my six and felt great. A few hours later, I was hungry again. He got through five alright, forced the sixth, and had a tummy ache for hours. I win!

11. I love to bake! I wish I could just bake and eat all the yumminess all day. Alas, my waist line would not appreciate this.

Here are the blogs I am nominating!

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And here are my 11 questions for you to answer:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What is your favorite food?

3. What was your first job?

4. What are you having for dinner tonight?

5. Pick one word to describe your blog.

6. If you could go to any place in the world on a free vacation for a week, where would you go?

7. Who was your favorite teacher?

8. Where do you see yourself in five years?

9. Who would you say has been the most influential person in your life?

10. If you had to be any animal for the rest of your life , what would you pick?

11. What is your favorite color?