Baby-Friendly Painting!

I absolutely love living in New England, but oh my have we gotten hit hard with snow. First there was Blizzard Juno, which dumped about a foot on our little home. Exactly one week later, a storm brought us another foot!

IMG_3545Cupcake has no clue what to make of the snow! She started walking over a month ago (at 8.5 months!!!!!) and yet that little girl just sits in the snow like she has no clue what to do!

It’s super cute and makes me laugh that she’s so paralyzed by it! She loves watching the snow fall and has spent many hours sitting on our couch just looking at it. I wonder what her little 10-month old self thinks about all of it!


Although staring out the window for hours on end is super fun, I was getting ancy and needed a diversion! So I thought that painting seemed like the perfect snowy day activity.

Until I realized I had two problems:
1. We didn’t have any paint
2. It was a blizzard- so I couldn’t exactly go buy any

I was also supremely concerned because Cupcake puts everything in her mouth. Non-toxic paint just means it won’t harm her. It doesn’t mean it’s any good for her, though! So I decided to make my own paint.


I used to be an elementary school teacher and I remembered teaching a unit on different Native American tribes and how they used to dye their fabrics using plants and items they could find in their natural surroundings.

I did happen to have some blueberries and leftover cooked carrots in the fridge and I thought I’d give it a try!


I stuck the carrots in the food processor with a small bit of water to make a purée, not unlike what I was feeding her a few months ago. I took a very small handful of blueberries, smushed them up (very technical, I know), and voila! I had paint! Or should I say, “paint.” At it’s heart it was still smooshy blueberries and carrot purée, but Cupcake thought it was the best!




The best part was, she could sample her paint and I didn’t have to worry!


I will definitely be experimenting with other fruits and veggies since we are already forecasted for two more storms in the next week! Which foods stain your kids’ clothes the most? (Those are totally the ones I want to use!)