When to Have a Second Baby

I have literally Google’d this several times over the last few months, hoping that one website would tell me what to do. Cupcake will turn 1 in March, and I’m starting to feel ready to add another sweetie to our world. Since Cupcake is such an awesome baby, I definitely want to make sure we’re doing the right thing for all three of us! Unfortunately, everywhere I clicked said essentially the same thing, the right timing is whatever is right for you and your partner.

That’s not helpful! Can’t someone just tell me what to do?!?

From the oldest of my siblings to the youngest is a 17 year span. My younger sister and I are only 19 months apart. Having lived these two extremes, I know how close siblings are depends more on their character than on anything else. Thankfully all of us are close despite our age gap. However, when I was younger, it was easier to relate to my younger sister because she was going through what I was at the same time. Based on that and the experiences in my DH’s family, we always wanted our children to be relatively close in age.

It hit me the other day that if I want our kids to be 2-3 years apart, we are quickly closing in on the time to start ttc! The idea of bringing another baby into our family is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! We have talked about it and feel like we’re definitely getting ready to continue growing our family. But, there are still a million questions we have!

How will this next cutie be like and unlike Cupcake? How will his or her personality fit in with our family? What unique traits with this little one have? Having recently emerged from the horrors of having a stomach bug with a baby, am I ready for morning sickness again?

Despite all the difficulties of adding another child, we know that we are getting close to ready. There is no one specific reason why, we just both acknowledged we felt it. Perhaps it’s that Cupcake is now older and gaining more independence. Maybe it’s because she’s sleeping better. I’m not sure I can pinpoint one reason; it just feels right.

So I know that I’ve arrived at the same conclusion of everyone else- the timing is right when the timing is right. So simple and so hard all at the same time!

Calling all parents of 2+ children. How far apart are your kiddos spaced? I would love to hear about your experiences!

A Favorite Childhood Memory- Breaking the Rules

I am really quite blessed because I had a wonderful childhood. There were certainly lessons that God had to show me through some rough moments, but overall it was very happy and filled with love. Picking just one of my favorite childhood moments is difficult! Let me reiterate how spoiled I feel for that. I only pray that Cupcake feels the same way when she’s my age.

Since I just got off the phone with my dad, I will pick one of my favorites with him.

I am a notoriously poor sleeper. I received this trait from my darling father. We just don’t fall asleep easily. As a kid, it was not unusual for him to be up till 2 am, wake up for breakfast with the family, and then head back to sleep for an hour or two.

I hated bedtime at a child. My mom enforced bedtime pretty strictly, but I just resisted it. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to sleep, I genuinely couldn’t fall asleep. I’d lay there for hours tossing and turning. Since I shared a room with my little sister, I couldn’t even turn on the light to play quietly. I hated it. She was an amazing sleeper and I was forced to essentially just watch her sleep.

Thankfully, my mom was also a great sleeper and went to bed relatively early. On the nights where sleep was particularly elusive, I’d sneak downstairs to hang out with my dad.

On one such night, he picked me up and plopped me on the counter. We ate a cup of pudding and had conversation eye-to-eye. It felt so special and so daring to be breaking the bedtime rules. Then, we went to the TV Room and he turned on Nick at Night.

Back in the day, Nick at Night played old black and white shows from my dad’s childhood. We watched Zorro and the original Mickey Mouse Club. He fell asleep on the couch. I knew my mom probably wouldn’t be too happy if she found out about our late night daddy-daughter date. But, even in that moment, I knew it was a special night I’d treasure for a long time. So, I grabbed a blanket and fell asleep with him. I was always a fearful child and constantly worried someone might break in. But, that night I slept wonderfully because I felt so safe!

Watching my dad interact with Cupcake, I am so appreciative of the relationship they have. He babysits her more than any other person and she adores him. It’s clear she also feels safe when she’s with him.

IMG_1438.JPG      IMG_2060.JPG     IMG_1659.JPG

Now that I’m a parent, I realize that my dad was breaking the rules of bedtime in this memory and my mom probably wouldn’t have loved it. It makes me realize that the relationship Chris has with Cupcake will be unique and special and it might be okay if he breaks the rules every now and then 🙂

Do you have a special memory of when a parent broke a rule? Please share below!