Elimination Diet – Halfway There!

I recently entered the phase of the diet where I am able to reintroduce potential food triggers. It has been interesting to try out all of these foods. I have become much more aware of my body and how it reacts to foods. These are my impressions thus far.

I have tested out soy, nightshades (tomatoes and peppers specifically), eggs and peanuts. Soy is in so many different things and I was finding it difficult to find replacements for other foods that I am not allowed to have yet. I figured if I could have soy, I would have a much wider availability of certain foods. Soy caused no migraine reaction at all! I know soy can be a major trigger for many people, but it does not seem to be for me. YAY!

I was really missing eggs one morning, and although I had planned on holding off for a little, I decided to change my order up so I could enjoy the nice breakfast my family was having. Eggs gave me no migraines and I felt fine! Another success!

Reading through my past posts, it’s like an ode to peanut butter. I really LOVE that stuff. Throughout these past few weeks, each time my husband made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or ate a peanut butter granola bar, it was like a little dagger to my heart. And I’m not exaggerating. I love that stuff! So I hoped and prayed it would all be okay! Thankfully, no migraine! Unfortunately, it upset my stomach a little. I also had a really hard time sleeping that night. I am not calling it a total loss, but I will definitely be doing another peanut butter trial again in a few weeks to see if it was just a weird coincidence or if I really should be avoiding the most delicious food ever created by humankind peanut butter.

Yesterday was the start of my nightshade trial. I was so excited to get to try it out, but really nervous. The majority of my recipes have a tomato base to them and I was nervous that I would react badly. I had survived the past month on this diet without tomatoes and peppers and anything spicy, but it was hard! Yesterday I lived it up. I had salsa with my vegetables and made my favorite homemade tomato sauce (served over rice pasta). It was amazing. And thankfully, I have had no migraine symptoms! I did have a bit of heartburn last night, but I really went crazy enjoying my tomato sauce- so that is no surprise!

Looking forward, I will soon be introducing dairy. Since I have had issues with dairy in the past, I will be introducing different types of dairy. I will start with those with low lactose levels and move from there over several different trial days. I am also hoping to get in my wheat trial before Thanksgiving! I do think I will allow myself to take a stopping point at Thanksgiving and reintroduce the foods that I have trialed successfully. I plan to spend about two weeks with my newly approved foods

One thing I have noticed is that my body definitely was thriving on the elimination diet. My skin was so incredibly smooth and I had a lot of energy. Over the past few weeks of introduction, I have noticed my skin slowly getting worse. Even when I remove the trial food, it still does not get better. I wonder if this is more hormonally related. Another possibility is that some combination of foods is causing it. I am going to take a few days to return to the strict TED and skip the next trial so that I can try to evaluate this further.

Wish me luck!


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