Two Weeks Down!

Oh my goodness, how time flies! I cannot believe I have been at this elimination diet for two weeks. Fourteen days may not seem like a lot, but it can be a long time to avoid so many foods. Although I have had a slip-up (hi communion wafer) or two, overall I have been spot on!

When I originally started, I was so nervous. What was I going to eat? How was I going to feed my daughter and husband the very foods I was avoiding and not be tempted to cheat a little? The first week was, admittedly, rough. This second week has been like night and day! I had to keep reminding myself what day it was because the food changes I made were so good! I am loving all these new recipes I’ve been making, so I do not feel deprived at all!

I do have to admit, I already added back in a food. Coffee (yes, it is a FOOD in my momming world). I knew that if I could just have a tiny bit of coffee, I would eliminate my one craving. So after speaking to the professionals, this was the plan we came up with: I have one of those reusable Keurig cups. I could fill it half way with coffee. Then, I would use the same amount of water that i usually do. I would further dilute the coffee with rice milk (homemade) to reduce the caffeine content per ounce. Finally, I could take half of that cup in the morning and half in the afternoon. This is the level of caffeine I am allowed for the time being until I complete all food challenges. Then, if I still am experiencing symptoms, we will taper off the coffee altogether.

People- hearing this was like the heavens opened! Once I actually did the math to figure out how much caffeine I would be getting on this regimen, it is essentially like they put me just a step above a decaf coffee, but it is enough. I do not find the coffee makes me alert, but it certainly helps alleviate some of the morning fog. It is probably more psychological than physiological, but I don’t care! Totally worth it.

In terms of how I am feeling overall- I cannot believe how great I feel. Friends have commented that I look “different” and that I am losing weight. Although I have dropped a few pounds, it is mostly all water weight since my bloating is almost nonexistent. I have had no migraines at all. My skin is completely clear. My dandruff is gone. I’ve always had these weird bumps on my upper arms (almost like whiteheads, but they never go away). They seem to be significantly reducing! I am sleeping better. This will seem odd, but for the first time in a long time I can remember my dreams! I have since learned that dream recall has long been tied into vitamin and mineral levels! My moods feel much more stable this week than they have in a long time.

My improvement in so many symptoms can be tied to a multitude of factors. 1) I could have an intolerance. 2) My water intake has sky-rocketed since I am not allowed many beverage options 3) I have having an insane amount of fruits and vegetables 4) I am not eating out at all 5) I have to cook everything from scratch, so that often eliminates me snacking. I am sure it is a combination of all of the above!

Be on the lookout for more recipes to come soon!


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