Natural Ant Cures 

I love our new home. I love my new kitchen, which is infinitely larger than our last. What do I not love? The never-ending ant parade! 

Cupcake loves the broom, so we sweep a few times a day. I wash the floors and the counters all the time. Still, the ants persist. 

With a very curious 15 month old and two equally curious kitties, I knew I had to be very careful with how I handled this problem. Ant traps or anything poisonous was most certainly going to be investigated by one of my three! So, I did what any intelligent person in 2015 would do, I turned to Google. Here is what I found: 

1. Ground cinnamon

Cinnamon is thought to block their trails since they rely heavily on scent. 

Result? My house smells like Christmas and I have significantly fewer ants. They still persist. 

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils, particularly peppermint, is thought to be a strong deterrent to ants. 

Result? Christmas in July seems to be continuing at the Momming household. Cinnamon cookies and candy canes must be hiding somewhere. Also, fewer ants, but still ants. 

3. Lemon Juice 

Google informs me that ants cannot stand the smell of citrus. I poured some lemon juice around the area they were coming from. 

Result? Within five minutes, there were no ants. They literally took off scurrying. However, the next day, they returned (albiet fewer). 

I reapplied the lemon juice to the area they are entering in the house. That helped a bit. Also, my house smelled very fresh!  

4. Vinegar 

I mostly clean with vinegar these days, so we always have it in the house. I washed down every area near where the ants came in. 

Result? Mostly effective. Only a few stray ants seem to remain. My house no longer smells so delicious. 

5. Try all four of the above because I hate ants! 


I swept the floor well and washed down the area with vinegar. I sprinkled cinnamon along the general path I frequently saw them. I soaked cotton balls in peppermint oil and put them along the window. I poured lemon juice outside of the cinnamon circle. I let it sit overnight and cleaned it all up with another vinegar wash in the morning. 

Result? Dude. No ants. Three days later and no ants! 

However, since I like to be over prepared, these are some other options: 

  1. Cucumber 
  2. Cinnamon-like scents (nutmeg, cloves, think “winter holidays”)
  3. Dish soap and water

Apparently they also won’t cross a line of chalk. Someone try this and make me a believer! 


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