Packing Up is Hard to do

Moving is not the the faint-hearted. It’s emotional and hard. Packing isn’t necessarily fast. It’s amazing how much stuff you accumulate! We relentlessly cleaned out our house prior to our move. We took more trips to Savers to donate things than I can count! We held a giant tag sale. We gave away items to friends and family. We really purged all of our things quite well. 

But my oh my, there still was so much! Packing took us a long time. Cupcake didn’t make it easy to get much done, so we worked a little every day for two months straight. It amazes me to even look back at it all. It felt like it would never get done! 

Living among the boxes became normal.  

stacks of bins…

Packing took us a long time because we wanted unpacking to be easy. We (I) google’d a million tips and tricks to make packing easier. 

Some of it helped (leave your closet clothes on a hanger and cover with garbage bag. Simply rehang in new closet and cut off bag. No need to individually take each item off the hanger!). Some of it didn’t (color-code boxes. You still had to label them and the moving company was more confused by the color-code than if we had just written on it). 

All in all, packing remains a task I’d rather not have to do for a very long time! 


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