Moving Fear 

This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but moving scares me a little. You see, I grew up in Connecticut in an amazing town. Great schools, great people, lots to do. I was never the kid who hated my hometown. I loved it. 

My dad also grew up here. My grandparents’ house was only a mile away. It definitely made me feel proud to attend my father’s alma mater for high school. I hoped my children would do the same.  

I never ventured far. I went to UConn for college. It was safe and comfortable here in my home state. I started my teaching career in this same town. To add to it, most of my closest friends were from childhood and they, too, had stayed. There was no reason to leave. 

Until there was… 

Match Day!

My sweet husband placed for his medical residency in Maryland. 

I am SO proud of him, but also incredibly scared. I have never moved before. What will that be like? Will I make friends? 

I am a stay at home mom. My job is, by definition, at home. What am I going to do in a new place? A new home? With no friends? And no family? 

And despite all these fears, I feel quite certain that this is surely the start of a grand adventure! 

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