Clean Your Pantry Series

If you’re a regular reader, you know that we just found out my super smarty-pants husband just matched for a residency program in internal medicine. This also means, we’re moving! 

While I am sad to leave our family, friends and my hometown behind, I am also excited about our next adventure. One part I’m not looking forward to? Actually physically moving!  (Does anyone like that part???) I have an awesome pantry stocked with all sorts of things that I have couponed and gotten at great discounts. However, we are currently renting a family home. We will definitely need to downsize in our next place, which is fine, until I look at my pantry! Waaaa! 

So, I will be spending the next few weeks trying to get creative with my cooking. I will be cooking up meals using common pantry items that most people have on hand. This will be great because it’ll help clean our pantry, teach me new recipes, and save some money as I get creative with items we already have. 

Look for the first recipe coming later today! 


2 thoughts on “Clean Your Pantry Series

  1. I like the physical moving part. When I was moving from India to UK 2 years back I was super excited to see and make home in a new place. And when I was moving back from UK to India 6 months back I was excited again. I can say I love to pack, unpack, settle and re- settle. Hope you have great times ahead.

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