A Day in the Life 

4 am: Cupcake wakes up and wants to nurse. Maybe hitting a growth spurt, because she feeds for 45 minutes! 

5:45am: Cupcake wakes up again. Hubby goes in to comfort her 

6:45: Cupcake up for the day! Make breakfast. Clean her up and change her. Play with her baby doll that she insists on carrying everywhere.

8:00: Get Cupcake and myself ready for the gym. Pack bags for both of us. 

8:30: Drop Cupcake off at “school” (gym daycare). Run and lift. Enjoy magical, peaceful, childless shower. Spoil myself and do my makeup AND blow dry my hair. 

10:30: Bring Cupcake home. She’s screaming cause she’s tired. Nurse her for 45 minutes. Put her in her crib to nap. 

11:16: My bottom hits the couch, and she’s wailing. I’m not going back up to feed her. She’s crying on and off. I hope and pray she’ll fall back asleep. 

11:35: Whiney cries turn consistent. I go to rescue her. She pooped. I change her and will her to go back to sleep with Jedi-mind tricks. 

11:45: My Jedi-mind tricks are not working. The force is strong with that one. She’s just giggling at me and trying to pet my face. She’s pointing around the room, “a this? A that?” This is an annoyed mommy. That is your crib, where you should still be napping. She gets so happy when she hears a bird. Nap time over. 

12 pm: Feed Cupcake lunch. She eats two bites of an apple and licks hummus off a piece of bread. I realize we don’t have anything in the house and eat a lunch of carrots and hummus. Good thing I ate my weight in cake last night, so my body has plenty to keep it going. 

12:20: Scan the flyer and my coupons to plan grocery store trip. Cupcake yells as loud as she can for about 10 minutes. I’m glad no one’s around for me to have to explain that literally nothing is wrong- she’s just yelling because she can! Fun! 

12:40: I pack Cupcake and I into the car and head to the grocery store. 

2:10: Attempt to bring in groceries. Cupcake wants to be held the whole time. At least she helps unpack the bags when it’s time! 

2:45: Snack time! Cupcake eats peanut butter, puffs, hummus and a piece of clementine 

3:00: I try to clean the house. Cupcake actually allows me to do this because she noticed a zipper on her hoodie. Note to self: always dress Cupcake with zippers. 

3:30: She got the hoodie off, so I’m done cleaning. We cuddle and read books instead. 

4:15: Best part of the day! Daddy gets home!! We enjoy the warmest weather we’ve seen since November and go on a walk. 

5:15: Cupcake is napping in the stroller, so my hubby sits outside while I go in and make dinner. We have homemade burgers with kale chips and pickles. Amazingly delicious for such a simple meal. Cupcake refuses to eat anything except pickles. 

6:00: Cupcake signs “All Done” and signals us that it is bedtime. Poor baby is so so so tired that she cries while I change her into pjs. She nurses, I sing, we cuddle, she goes to bed. 

7:00: Hubby and I plan her first birthday party. We get snacky and he offers to go out and get us a treat. I have eaten well all day, and hold strong. He makes us a berry protein shake that is amazingly delicious. 

8:00: We quickly tidy the house and get ready for bed. 

9:00: We like each other too much and we’re still up talking. Cupcake makes a peep. We realize we need to sleep before she wakes up for a nighttime feeding. We go to sleep. 


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