When to Have a Second Baby

I have literally Google’d this several times over the last few months, hoping that one website would tell me what to do. Cupcake will turn 1 in March, and I’m starting to feel ready to add another sweetie to our world. Since Cupcake is such an awesome baby, I definitely want to make sure we’re doing the right thing for all three of us! Unfortunately, everywhere I clicked said essentially the same thing, the right timing is whatever is right for you and your partner.

That’s not helpful! Can’t someone just tell me what to do?!?

From the oldest of my siblings to the youngest is a 17 year span. My younger sister and I are only 19 months apart. Having lived these two extremes, I know how close siblings are depends more on their character than on anything else. Thankfully all of us are close despite our age gap. However, when I was younger, it was easier to relate to my younger sister because she was going through what I was at the same time. Based on that and the experiences in my DH’s family, we always wanted our children to be relatively close in age.

It hit me the other day that if I want our kids to be 2-3 years apart, we are quickly closing in on the time to start ttc! The idea of bringing another baby into our family is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once! We have talked about it and feel like we’re definitely getting ready to continue growing our family. But, there are still a million questions we have!

How will this next cutie be like and unlike Cupcake? How will his or her personality fit in with our family? What unique traits with this little one have? Having recently emerged from the horrors of having a stomach bug with a baby, am I ready for morning sickness again?

Despite all the difficulties of adding another child, we know that we are getting close to ready. There is no one specific reason why, we just both acknowledged we felt it. Perhaps it’s that Cupcake is now older and gaining more independence. Maybe it’s because she’s sleeping better. I’m not sure I can pinpoint one reason; it just feels right.

So I know that I’ve arrived at the same conclusion of everyone else- the timing is right when the timing is right. So simple and so hard all at the same time!

Calling all parents of 2+ children. How far apart are your kiddos spaced? I would love to hear about your experiences!

4 thoughts on “When to Have a Second Baby

  1. My little brother are about 18 months apart and I helped with them a lot. They were pretty cute when they were younger because the older one always wanted to help and teach the younger one. In a lot of ways they almost acted like twins because of their bond. I think that if you feel ready enough for another one then go for it. Hey, you might not have morning sickness this time. You never know!


  2. We pushed it as close to when I was adaquately healed on the inside after having an emergency c-section with our first. I was told my uterus would not endure contractions so I would have a repeat c-section. Ours ended up 19 months apart. I think it’s perfect. Too young to have to explain anything, too young for jealousy, old enough to throw away diapers and fetch toys or pacifiers.


  3. I have several brothers and a sister. I am the oldest, then there are 2 brothers about 4 years younger than me, a sister 6 years younger than me, another brother 12 years younger, and my youngest brother who is 16 years younger than me. Growing up I was closest to my sister since there were only 2 girls, and my youngest brother because I was a mini mom. But as we grow older, I am very close to all of my siblings now. My husband and his sister are 14 months apart, and he wants me to have another baby now. We have decided though that we need a bigger house first, then we can start trying again. And I would really like to have Bug out of diapers or starting to potty train before having another one. I think trying to get the money saved to build a house will give me plenty of time to get Bug potty trained, as she is 9 months old.

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