Always a Student

Marla from A Pendulum World recently wrote about the most vulnerable part of herself- that after six years she is about to graduate with her Associate’s degree. This post is dedicated to her!

I started babysitting at the age of 10 (Just as a mother’s helper, but I got paid in candy and I thought that rocked!). I took child development classes in high school. After I had taken all of them, I petitioned for a year of independent study. When my teacher went away for a conference, they hired a substitute teacher, but I actually ran the whole thing. My undergraduate degree is in Human Development with a focus on Child Development. I have my Masters in Elementary Education and I taught for four years before Cupcake was born in March.

And guess how much of an expert in child-raising that makes me? It doesn’t. I have learned more in the last nine months of momming than I did in all my years of formal education. I learned that you can find an “expert” to support just about any parenting method. Despite all my schooling, I still have so much to learn!

I know far too many adults who graduate from school and then take the stance they are no longer a student. What a shame. Being a student is one of the best gifts in the world!

Sure, I can recite Child Development theorists and I have a good understanding of the basic developmental stages. When Cupcake gets to school, I will know many strategies for helping her. However, I seek to learn more. This is what we should strive for: to always be learning.

So when Marla wrote about feelings of vulnerability related to taking six years to earn her Associate’s I found it kind of funny (sorry, girlfriend!). I thought her post should have been titled “I’m a B.A. and Here’s Why.” So many people would have given up. So many people have! Whether it takes six years or sixty, the relentless pursuit of knowledge is magic. So hats off to Marla and to all those who continue to learn!

Now, head on over to Marla’s blog and show her some love!


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