The Importance of Paperback

One way I will always spoil my little girl is with an abundance of books. Seriously, we have budgets for clothes, food, haircuts- but no book limitations at all! As a former teacher and bibliophile, I just can’t get enough.

Every morning Cupcake comes downstairs to all of her books neatly stacked in our book case (see right shelf). She promptly pulls them all down (see left side).


Then she picks a book or two to look through. Board books are just the coolest thing as she can easily turn the pages. She can chew on it and drool on it and it stays (relatively) in good condition.


When I was pregnant with Cupcake, all I wanted for my baby shower was books! My mom requested that in lieu of a card, people sign books for our little one. Those still remain my favorite gifts from that day.

A few people “apologized” for giving us paperback books since the baby wouldn’t be able to use them for awhile.


Why not?

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Paperback books are not something that need to wait until kids are a certain age. In fact, they definitely should not be held back!

Reading takes many forms. But, I let Cupcake have at it with paper. Sure, sometimes I wonder if she’s part goat.


But it’s always fun to watch her explore the wonderful world of books.

To be fair, We have had some casualties along the way. Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit has seen better days!


I did not let her rip it up or tear it without bounds, of course! I make sure the paperbacks are ours and often we get them at Savers so that the loss isn’t a $15 book. If she’s turning pages and it rips accidentally, I simply take the torn piece away so I can repair it later. If she seems to be ripping it like it’s wrapping paper, I take the book away and redirect her to the others in the room.

I look at it as her exploring her love of books. Think of your favorite childhood stuffed animal. Probably a little worn down, right? My favorite sweatpants certainly aren’t a new pair, but old and worn in. I once knew a boy whose childhood blankie had been worn down to something literally the size of his pinkie. He still had it even though we were teenagers. That’s love!

So while we still adore our board books that Cupcake can explore more freely, paperback books remain an important part of the Momming household!


7 thoughts on “The Importance of Paperback

    • Thank you for your kind words! It is so hard for me to pick just a few! Currenty Cupcake loves any book by Caroline Jayne Church. We love the author Mem Fox. Flotsam by David Wisener is a beautifully illustrated book that has won several awards. Herve Tullet makes some of my favorite books ever. They are genius! Although the stories would be too long for your son, anything written by Chris Van Allsburg is breath-taking! Ah, the list goes on and on!

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  1. I have loved reading since before I can remember, my mother also has a love for books. With the invention of the Kindle and other reading tablets, I can find such abundance of free unknown authors, which is great, but I still yearn for good old fashioned paper books every once in a while. If I’m going to spend any type of money on a book, it is going to be an actual book. My favorite places to get books are the used book stores and other thrift stores, I don’t have a book budget either, and this let’s me get even more for my money! Just last night the big sis and I went through all of her books so we could make two sections, one for “big kids” and one for “little kids”. This way, she has her own books, and so does the little sis. Now for our night time story, we are reading one each for both of my girls. This way, everyone gets a chance and we can set a better nighttime routine. We are teaching her some spelling, since she will be in Kindergarten next year, and I can’t wait until she can read and really feel the power of books.

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    • I do love the Kindle and reading tablets, too! In this day and age, children definitely should be exposed to different forms of media for reading, so it seems like you have an awesome balance! Those girls will definitely be ready for school when the time comes 🙂


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  3. I have to say good for you!! I grew up with books and love to read, and I want my daughter to grow up with books and loving books just like me! I read to my daughter every night, and sometimes during the day. I, like you, also asked for books instead of cards for my baby shower, and asked people to write a little something to the baby in the books. I have even bought books just so Bug can play on them and chew on them without destroying them (because I do not want her to ruin the books with the wonderful messages in them). Thank you for sharing.

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