Cupcake’s First New Years!

This was such a bittersweet New Years for me. 2014 was the most wonderful year. We welcomed our darling daughter on March 22nd and life has been forever better.


We opted to stay in this year and celebrate with our little girl. We drove forty-five minutes to an amazing deli near where my husband grew up and got the most amazing grinders.

They are absolutely stuffed to the brim! One-quarter of my “8-inch” grinder measured at 4.5 inches! Definitely got our monies worth.

Then, we watched Rio together. Cupcake didn’t actually watch, but she danced along to the music. I love watching my little girl learn to find her own rhythm. It’s so funny because even in utero, nothing got her moving and kicking like music. It warms my heart because this mama loves to dance!

Little Cupcake called it a night at 7, so my husband and I curled up on the couch and spent the rest of the night sans TV. We just talked about what a beautiful year we had and all that is ahead!

Someone is a liiiiittle sleepy this morning 😉


This will be a big year for us. My husband will graduate from medical school and finally be a doctor! He will start residency and we will move. Cupcake will turn one. My baby, who only has taken a few fledgling steps, will blossom into a toddler. My little girl, who says mama, dada, cat, this and yay will expand her communication so I can start to see how that mind works. I will continue on this journey as a stay at home mom for the rest of this year, and then see what beautiful opportunities await me in our new location. I am excited.

I have loved all that 2014 has had to offer and I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for our family! Happy New Year!


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