Home is Where the Heart is….

But, I’d still like to know where my home is!

The past few weeks have been nothing short of crazy. We have been traveling all over the country and are finally getting a break for the holidays! My husband is in his last year of medical school, and therefore, he’s applying to residency programs. Since I am off this year from teaching to be with Cupcake, we got to tag along!

Nearly all of our family and friends are located in Connecticut. Aside from going to college, I have lived in the same town my whole life! I went to the same high school my dad did, and I always thought my future children would, too. My first teaching job was at my former elementary school. All of my bridesmaids (aside from my sister-in-law) I’ve known since middle school. I grew up in a big town that felt like a small one. I never dreamed of leaving.

But, as we saw each location, I started picturing our lives there. Cupcake going to that park over there. Going Christmas shopping at that mall. Walking around this or that neighborhood. It was a weird experience.

And yet, it was really cool. I had my list of “must-haves” in a prospective location. One weird one was a 24-hour CVS/Walgreens sorta place.

Weird, right?

Growing up, I remember countless times my dad running out in the middle of the night to grab medicine that one of us kids needed. Need ice cream to soothe that sore throat? No problem! Developed a cough and can’t sleep? Let’s just run down the road! Ran out of tape when my mom was wrapping a last minute birthday gift at 11pm? All set! Now that we have Cupcake, this quest for a 24hr pharmacy nearby was important to me. And happily, everywhere we looked had one within 10 minutes of potential living arrangements.

The other thing I desperately searched out? Playgrounds! Cupcake may only be able to go in the swings right now, but soon enough, that’ll be our main hang out. I was actually quite surprised at the park situation! One of our locales was extremely hard to find any parks with playgrounds. My husband and I both agreed that if we matched in that area, we would rather live further from his program to have a better fit for Cupcake.

It was a whirlwind few weeks and there are still two more interviews in January. Although it’s a big task to move the whole family, I’m excited to find out where we will match and start the hunt for the perfect place to raise Cupcake!


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