Behind the Picture

Ever take a photo that is simultaneously bad and perfect all at once?


It’s blurry. Cupcake is barely in it. I have no makeup on. It’s certainly not the most flattering picture out there.

And yet, if you could see outside of the boundaries of this picture, you would see Cupcake and I visiting her great-grandmother at the nursing home. You would see Cupcake and I playing in Cupcake’s first BINGO game. You would see my dear Gramma Rose so proud to show us off to the 20 other nursing home residents playing with us.

Perfection in blur.


9 thoughts on “Behind the Picture

  1. I have found with a 7 month old many of the pictures I take are not that good, but there is always a story behind them. Like most of the pictures I take with my daughter smiling are blurry because to get her to smile when the camera is around I have to dance and act silly. LOL She has also discovered that she loves seeing the baby in the camera on my phone, and often takes pictures that you can’t make out, but it’s the memory behind them that counts.

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  2. I think in this day and age it’s pretty easy to get caught up in “perfect” when everything is put on display. Which unfortunately means we sometimes forget that perfect means different stories for different people. I’m glad you captured your “perfect” and shared it with us 🙂

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    • I agree! When we have the ability to take so many digital pictures, it’s easy to pick just the right photograph. I always loved these kind of photos from my childhood because they often represented the true family better than anything posed. Thanks for reading!


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