Thankful Thursday- Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American followers (and to all those who are celebrating today!).

Today is especially wonderful because this year it falls on my husband’s birthday! I find that particularly poetic as the two things I am most thankful for are my husband and my beautiful daughter.

It’s Cupcake’s first Thanksgiving, so we’re celebrating big! Today we are spending the day with my wonderful in-laws. Cupcake is happy, healthy and blossoming into the most awesome person I’ve ever met! IMG_2807.JPG

Tomorrow, we’re breaking my grandma out of the nursing home for a Dessert Thanksgiving (imagine the quantity of food at Thanksgiving, but that it’s all desserts!). I’m excited to get to have two Thanksgivings and to get to celebrate with all of our family!

I am so thankful for my darling Cupcake, my hunky hubby, my health and my wonderful family & friends! I would be remiss to not include all of you people out there sharing in my momming journey! Even if you are not celebrating today, know I am thankful for you!


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