Fun with Toddlers- Homemade Coffee Playdough

I am the proud mommy of Cupcake, who is almost eight months old. I am also the auntie to six nephews and a niece. My beautiful family makes my world happy and I love spending time with them.

So when my dear sister had a situation come up where she would need a babysitter once a week, I was excited for the opportunity. And then I was scared.

My twin nephews are two years old. Whenever I have babysat in the past, I have gone to my sister’s house. K&D were going to be coming here. In and of itself, having them here is not a problem. Until I looked around and realized that we have toys for a baby.

No problem, we’ll go to the park.

Until I checked the weather and it was going to be a high of 20, before counting the massive wind chill! Hmm taking a baby and twin toddlers on a walk to the park when it’s freezing out- I’m probably going to pass on that.

So I decided to make Playdough! I’ve written about the Oatmeal Playdough I make for Cupcake. It works great for a baby, but I thought it’d be too mushy for the boys.

I remembered a coffee-based sculpting dough I had made as a nanny. With the holidays coming up, I thought this could be a great project! This Playdough uses three ingredients that almost everyone has in their house. You can bake it and make it into a permanent sculpture. (Thinking ahead for next week’s babysitting adventure!) This recipe is definitely something I will be making again. They had a great time!

Homemade Coffee Playdough

2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup table salt
3/4 cup warm coffee (may need up to additional 1T)

1. Mix flour and salt well.

2. Add 3/4 cup warm coffee


Leftover French Vanilla Coffee from breakfast made for a very nice smelling dough!


3. Mix coffee and flour/salt mixture well.


Usually this is plenty, but given different factors (our house is wicked dry in the winter), you may need to add up to an additional tablespoon of warm coffee to get desired consistency.

4. Store in Ziploc bag until ready to play!


(To get an idea of the quantity-this is a quart size Ziploc)

5. Create and play!

Optional: If you want to, you can bake at 300 degrees for 30-45 minutes to make the sculpture hard.


My nephews had a great time playing with this playdough. I can’t wait for next week!


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