Starting Again

So last week, I made a big decision. I decided to head back to the gym.


I had not been since my early pregnancy with Cupcake. For some reason, I experienced extreme dizziness when I was first pregnant. I have low blood pressure typically, and it dipped waaaay low. I went from going to the gym 5x a week to not being able to walk more than a quarter mile. It was discouraging and I was frustrated. Being away from the gym for my whole pregnancy was not my intention, but it became necessary. Now that she’s seven months old, I’ve been away for almost a year and a half!

Between juggling Cupcake and home responsibilities, I had no time in the day for me. My husband has a more flexible work schedule from now until February, leaving us the option of him watching Cupcake. We decided it was worth the money for me to have an outlet. Since he still needs to work many mornings, I have started rising to get to the gym when it first opens. I am able to workout and shower just in time for him to need to leave.

It’s magic.

When you’re a mom, it doesn’t matter if you work in or out of the home, finding time for yourself is so difficult. There is always something to be done and more chores to be completed. Taking time for yourself can feel selfish. It can feel like the wrong thing to do when you should be caring for others, but it is so important. I know I’m a better mom when I can workout and take some time for me.

Some days I get lucky and Cupcake sleeps the whole time I am gone, but even when she doesn’t, my bouncing little girl is there to greet me when I unlace my sneakers.



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