A Day in the Life

4a: Cupcake wakes up. I nurse her. I bring her into bed for morning snuggles. We both fall back asleep.

5a: My alarm goes off. Cupcake and my husband are still sleeping, but I’m off to my first day back at the gym since my early pregnancy. I’m scared. I putter around the house before working up the courage to leave.

5:30a: Get to gym. Nice girl assists me in signing back up. I hop on a treadmill and run a mile at my high school pace (which admittedly is quite slow!), but I’m happy. I walk until I get to 20 minutes total. I want an easy peasy first day so I don’t get discouraged. I stretch and do ab exercises. I come home because I really need to nurse Cupcake (you mamas know what I mean).

6:45a: Cupcake is ecstatic to see me! I almost cry from joy at the reunion. This is the first time since she’s been born that I really feel like I took time for me. Big lesson- it was okay . Everyone survived. My husband and Cupcake had the greatest daddy-daughter time. It was good for everyone. I shower.

7:15a: I make us breakfast. Cupcake eats oatmeal, which she loves more than almost anything.  Except her spoon. She really loves her spoon.IMG_2536.JPG


IMG_2535.JPG8:15a: I have been trying to find the perfect dairy-free cupcake recipe for my mom’s birthday on Saturday. Today I make my third attempt.

While the latest batch is cooking, Cupcake shares an apple with us. We can no longer have apples to ourselves. She loves apples!

9a: I set my husband and I up for a little morning cake-tasting!

IMG_2537.JPG (Don’t judge us!)

9:15a: My husband leaves for the gym while Cupcake and I complete errands and play.

10a: Cupcake naps while I complete today’s chore: Thursday-Tub/Toilets! We have a lot of company coming over the course of the weekend, so I’m glad it’s sparkling clean now!

10:30a: Cupcake wakes up. Husband comes home. Cupcake crawls around the house wherever we go. We make lunch and hang out. Cupcakes chases our kitties around the house.

12n: Husband leaves for work. Cupcake and I decide to go to our (my) favorite store- Target! I am sorely disappointed that I do not find what I am looking for.


1pm: Go to play date at park with friends.
Cupcake loves the swings, but loves staring at the cutie pie little girls on the swings next to us more!

3:30p: Cupcake naps for only 10 minutes on the way home. She won’t go back down for her real nap. I am prepared for baby meltdown. Instead I am surprised with a very happy and playful baby!


4:30p: The mail comes and Cupcake receives a card! She loved opening it!


IMG_2545.JPG   IMG_2542.JPG

4:47p: Cupcake stands without assistance! No picture because I was amazed- she only just turned seven months old! So cool!

5:10p: My best friend gets out of work and we have a phone date. Husband comes home. Olivia tries to take all the books off the book case.

5:20p: In order to make room in the fridge for all of the big cooking I will be doing this weekend, we have leftovers for dinner. The chicken drumsticks I made earlier in the week taste even better tonight!

6:10p: We start Cupcake’s bedtime routine. Chris gives her a bubble bath while I clean up dinner. I love hearing their giggles during this special daddy-daughter time! Then, I come back to help with cozying her up in a fluffy towel, changing her, and brushing those cute little chiclets!

6:45p: We come upstairs, give her reflux meds, and I nurse her. Typically, I nurse her, we read a few books, and then I nurse her again quickly before she falls asleep. Since she’s barely napped today, she falls asleep while I nurse her the first time. I’m sad to miss out on story time, but glad she’ll get the sleep she needs.

7:15p: Chris and I watch DVR’d Modern Family. We chat about our plans for tomorrow and finalize weekend plans. We watch Mike&Molly reruns.

9:15p: I’m exhausted. I lay out all of my stuff for the gym for tomorrow. I make sure I have an orange and black outfit because I celebrate holidays in a big way! I cannot WAIT to share this holiday with Cupcake tomorrow!

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