A Day in the Life

7:30a- I wake up with a start wondering where Cupcake is and how it got so late. Then I feel her snuggled up beside me. It is only about 30 degrees this morning, so I appreciate my cute heat pack. I also super appreciate that she’s still asleep!


I’m really hoping all this extra sleep is a sign she’s on her way to recovery from being so sick! This is so unlike her. Usually she’s up for the day at 5:30. Enjoying the peace and quiet of this morning, but wishing she were in her crib so I could go do something! That’s my hardest momming battle- I feel like I should use every second she’s asleep to clean/cook/etc. I’m glad I’m forced to slow down and relax this morning!





8:20a- She’s awake! Yay! I love that sleepy-eyed look!


8:40a- Cupcake eats breakfast. She tried oatmeal for the first time yesterday and is in love! It’s nice to see her appetite returning after being so sick last week!

9a- Cupcake plays while I eat breakfast and have my tea.


10a- We head to the grocery store! Cupcake loves grocery shopping and today a sweet elderly lady took a liking for her. We walked around the store together, which made the trip longer, but more enjoyable. Using a bajillion coupons, I manage to get all of our groceries for the week for less than $70!!! That includes some delicious kale and organic apples for Cupcake.

11:15a- Get home. Unpack groceries. Call credit union to confirm that I did officially pay off my car (waaaay ahead of time! Go me!) Cupcake is definitely sleepy, but not quite ready for her nap so I let her play quietly while I attend to some chores and eat lunch.

12:15p- I nurse her and she falls asleep around 12:30. I switch around the laundry and start cleaning. In order to keep myself scheduled, I have assigned a chore per day to focus on. Monday=Mop Day. I sweep and mop the kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom. Cupcake magically wakes up as soon as I put away the mop… Which is both perfect timing and annoying.

IMG_2377.JPG2:00p- I realize that I haven’t changed her into an outfit yet for the day and realize we’re closer to bedtime than when she woke up, so there’s no point now and declare it pajama day! (Shameless attempt to not feel badly about still being in my pjs, too). We play with this new toy.

Anyone else own this? Cupcake does not seem entirely thrilled by it. I try to show her how to use it, but overall, I think she finds it boring. Also, it has a terrifying laugh that sounds straight out of a scary movie. Not my favorite toy ever, that’s for sure!





3:30p- Hubby gets an amazing interview offer for his residency!!! Cupcake and I celebrate by her watching me chop peppers for Daddy’s favorite dinner (lazy stuffed peppers).

4p- I decided to go for a run. Cupcake loves going for a run so much she falls asleep right away!

photo (1)

We get home, I shower and then finish supper.

5:15p- Hubby gets home and we eat an early dinner. To celebrate getting an interview offer, we head to the grocery store to find a yummy dessert. I can’t eat dairy still, so while he gets an M&M cookie sandwich, I get chips and guacamole! We sit and watch Jeopardy while Cupcake plays.


8p- We brush both of Cupcake’s teeth, read her a book, and get her ready for bed. She falls asleep.

8:30p- I realize that I’m starting to feel kind of unwell and fear I’m getting sick. I decide to tuck myself in bed early and pray Cupcake stays asleep.

10:30p- Cupcake wakes up. I nurse her and she falls back asleep. I fall asleep around 11! Whew, am I beat!

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