Books I am Reading Now

As part of the October Blogging Challenge, today is about the books I am reading now.

This makes me really super sad actually. All of the books I am reading now are children’s books! Now, as a former teacher, I actually do not mind that fact so much.

Instead, what I do mind is that I am primarily reading board books-and the quality of literature is often limited. Either they are simple books with no plot, or they are so drastically cut down for board book requirements that I do not enjoy it as much.

One book I am super thankful for is Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae. Even in board book form, it maintains it’s vocabulary and plot line.

One book that was a sore disappointment was a book on colors I found at the bookstore. Do you notice a problem?




I find this such an odd choice. No writer or editor looked at this and thought, “Hey, maybe blueberries and blackberries shouldn’t go on the purple page?” C’mon people! Babies deserve better than this!



Occasionally I’ll read a paperback children’s book to Cupcake, which I love, but then she inevitably ends up eating it. It skeeves me out to take any board books from the library knowing how many kiddos probably chewed them up. So, I’ll be on the lookout for quality board books and let you all know if I find any!

I want Cupcake to see me reading some of my own books, too. Any good suggestions? I love reading, but I haven’t made the time, so I’d love to hear what you’re reading lately. Please comment below!

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