Cupcake Update

Holy moly batman.

The last 48 hours have been tough for poor Cupcake! I attributed her fever to her second tooth popping out earlier this week. You can barely see the new one, but look how cute and happy she was earlier this week:


Anyway, on Thursday her fever started increasing and was not responding to any meds. Fevers themselves are not a problem, so I wasn’t super worried. She was cranky and clingy, but that’s all par for the teething course. After not sleeping Wednesday night, I set up myself with snacks, drinks and the DVR for another all-nighter. She slept an hour or so, would wake sobbing hysterically, nurse, and fall back asleep. This went all night long and left me very tired Friday morning.

As I sat on the couch to drink my coffee, I noticed Cupcake was covered in a rash. These pictures don’t do justice to how red it was, but it’s an idea.
IMG_2361.JPG                              IMG_2359.JPG

I called the doctor and went in. They checked that kid out top to bottom. Asked me if she had been potentially exposed to measles (be still my heart) or anyone else sick. We go out everyday and are in play groups…there were too many opportunities for her to be exposed. The doctor thought it was just a typical virus, but told me to watch carefully.

She fell asleep on the ride home. Inevitably she always wakes up once I bring her in, but not this time. She slept for well over two hours. When she woke, she seemed off. I took her temperature and it had gone up from the morning. I tried entertaining her, but she didn’t want to play. She screamed when I put her down and would wince if I touched her rash (which covered her body, so that was hard to avoid).

Whenever my husband comes home, any troubles Cupcake has had melt away and she’s all smiles. Not yesterday. He walked in and she continued to sob. We took her temp and it had gone up another degree. We ordered dinner and settled in for another long night.

At 9pm, she became inconsolable. Her rash was getting worse and her fever was not responding to medicine. We called the on-call doctor who gave us a few ideas to try. She advised us on what to look for as signs of when to head to the ER. My husband and I were so nervous. We supported one another as we implemented her ideas, adding in lots of prayers for our little girl.

Thankfully, although still very sick, she never was bad enough to warrant an ER trip (thank you God!). She nursed almost the whole night. It was incredible. Thankfully, we were laying in bed so I could get some sleep, but I’ve never seen anything like it. Literally hours of nursing.

When she woke up this morning, her fever had started to break. The rash was (and is) still very present, but she let out one of her mega-watt smiles. Needless to say, I promptly burst into tears and started offering up lots of gratitude for quick healing.

She definitely isn’t 100%. Smiles and laughter were few today, but they did happen! She even played for a little while. I am so grateful it wasn’t something more serious. How do parents do it? Someday, if I ever find myself in a situation with the financial means, I’d love to find more ways to support parents whose children are truly sick. This nearly broke my heart and it was something minor. I don’t even want to imagine.

After her marathon nursing last night, I have been famished all day! I want all the food. In fact, let me go fix a snack now!

Tell me, what’s your favorite healthy snack? I think I’ll have some apple slices and peanut butter!

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