Top Migraine Triggers

I was diagnosed with migraines in high school. For those that do not have them, it’s more than just a bad headache. It’s a whole body headache.

My dear friend is also a migraine sufferer, and posted a link to this article .

Over the years, I certainly have found lots of things that trigger me. If I eat more than 2 hot dogs in a few day period… Instant migraine. I’m assuming it’s the nitrates.

Weirdly enough, if I run for 5+ miles one day, I get a migraine the next. I assume it throws my electrolytes out of balance, but even with proper hydration and even replacement drinks- it still happens. (Anyone with ideas, help!)

After Cupcake herself, the best part of being pregnant was that my migraines totally disappeared for all nine months. That’s enough to almost make me consider having 19 kids.

Weather is also a wicked trigger for me. You know how right before a big storm there is sort of an ominous feeling? And all of the animals know something is up? I’m like one of those animals- instant migraine! Thankfully, as soon as the precipitation starts falling, it gets better.

It’s so funny how migraines and the triggers are so unique to each person. A woman I used to work with seemed to have almost the exact opposite reactions that I did. If I was feeling a migraine coming on, she seemed fine. On her bad days, I felt great! That’s probably what makes them so hard to treat.

I’ve been lucky to only have one migraine as a mom. I know more lurk ahead and am dreading trying to care for Cupcake while I’m suffering. One thing that always helps my migraines is massive carb-loading. It’s all I want during my migraine and if I don’t fulfill the need, they are much worse.

So, fellow migraine sufferers, what helps you? Do the triggers in the article match your triggers? I’d love to hear from you!

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