Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that these products exist…

This has been a long week my friends. At first I thought Cupcake was just cutting her second tooth. I didn’t even think much of the fever she was developing. Teething is a pita, right?

Then yesterday hit. Well, actually, it started on Tuesday night. She just would not settle to sleep. Cupcake is in a pretty decent routine, so when we were still awake hours after bedtime… I was none too pleased. She fussed when I tried to nurse her and wouldn’t lay in her crib. It was awful. She finally fell asleep just before 1am.

When she woke up yesterday, she was even worse. She had her new fever and was so unhappy. She cried and fussed for three hours straight until I was in tears. I really prefer to minimize the pain meds she receives, but it was time. I skipped the Tylenol, which hadn’t been working, and went straight for the Ibuprofen.

Voila! Three hour nap.

But then she woke up, and was a mess all over again. Her fever kept climbing all day and through last night. It was one of the more difficult days we’ve had.

Here is a picture I snapped of our day. Poor kid, but that zippy sweater totally makes it cuter when she’s screaming.


And yet, how could I be anything but thankful for her? (And these products. I didn’t even like coffee before Cupcake arrived!)

Any delicious things you like to add to your coffee?


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