Weekend Highlights

This was a wonderful weekend!

Friday Cupcake was just a peach. She was so happy all day long. We went to our local baby play group at the library where I was able to hang out with some awesome mommies (and a few daddies). It is such a blessing to have these people to meet with each week as it provides such a sense of solidarity and warmth knowing they get it. For the most part, we only see each other just as this play group, and it doesn’t even matter. Our worlds collide on Friday mornings and it’s wonderful.

Cupcake also had an AMAZING nap, so I could start my homemade tomato sauce (see previous post for recipe!) and clean before my sweetie came home.

On Saturday, we awoke to a drizzling and cool autumn day. Chris was running a half marathon and we weren’t sure if I’d be able to bring Cupcake to cheer on her daddy.

Needless to say, we bundled up and found the half way mark! Daddy was very happy to see us.


Don’t let my smile fool you- it was gross out! After a quick kiss, Chris ran his the rest of the half while I ran home to put lunch in the crockpot (see post for Easy Chicken Fajitas recipe). It was the perfect thing to warm him up when he arrived home!

That afternoon we went to a local vineyard to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. Chris and I ended the night with a Chinese food takeout picnic on our living room floor once Cupcake fell asleep.

Today will be super busy! After a dreadful night’s sleep, Cupcake woke for the day at 5:15. We took a family trip to the grocery store at 7am. I’ve been couponing a lot recently. I am still very much a beginner, but I did manage to score $240 worth of food for $130 and received a coupon for $7 off my next purchase! I was pretty pleased.

Cupcake is napping in my arms as we speak. I’ll put her down soon so I can get ready for a wedding shower we are attending this afternoon.

What was the best part of your weekend? Hope it was great!


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