Ten Things Most People Don’t Know About Me!

1. I cannot fall asleep for a nap on purpose. Sometimes I fall asleep during a tv show, but I don’t know how to take a nap unless I’m super sick.

2. I prefer to drink everything out of a mug rather than a glass. It just seems cozier, even if it’s a cold beverage.

3. I don’t mind at all when stores put out Christmas things early. I love all things Christmas!

4. I have an insane sense of smell. It’s extremely strong, which is awesome for good smells… Not so great at the gym.

5. Please don’t bring me flowers or chocolates. Bring me chips and guacamole and I melt!

6. I love peanut butter in a really unhealthy way. Straight up on a spoon, pb&j, on graham crackers- I love it!

7. Despite my love of peanut butter and chocolate, I really hate peanut butter cups. I want to love Reese’s- they look delicious! I just can’t get into them!

8. I only bake from scratch. It just tastes so much better than a box mix. Unless it’s Betty Crocker’s sugar cookies and then I think those are way better than mine!

9. I could easily eat a whole bag of baby carrots in one sitting. It should feel excessive, but I have a hard time stopping.

10. Commercials make me cry all.the.time. That “you’re doing okay mom” one by Johnson’s is the worst!!!! Gets me every time.


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