A Day in the Life

My life has finally started developing a routine now that Cupcake is 6 months. Each day we do different things, but each week is relatively the same. Here is a typical Wednesday in my life!

2:26 am: Cupcake wakes up for her MOTN feeding. Chris changes her diaper and then I feed her.

2:51 am: I put Cupcake back in her crib and crawl back into bed and pray for more sleep.

5:38 am: Cupcake wakes up again. Chris changes her and brings her into our bed. I nurse her while trying to still be asleep. Chris gets ready for work.

5:40 am: Cupcake doesn’t want to nurse. She does want to crawl all over the bed, which is a severe impediment to my sleeping as we do not have rails and she likes to try and crawl off the edge.

5:45 am: She is laughing hysterically while trying to crawl all over me. I want to be mad, but she babbles something that sounds like “mama” and I melt.

5:46 am: We get out of bed and I bring her to her room for morning play.

6:15 am: Chris makes and brings my breakfast to her room so I can eat. He brings his and we eat together while she plays.

6:23 am: Chris leaves. Cupcake cries. I make my new favorite pumpkin tea.

6:45 am: I bring Cupcake to the living room. I turn on the weather. She plays and I drink my tea.

6:46 am: Cupcake wants to cuddle. I put down tea and cuddle. I watch the end of the news, while she looks out the window at the garbage truck.

7:00 am: The Today Show starts. I listen to the headlines so I can have something to add to conversations besides diapers and teething.

7:05 am: I bring Cupcake to the kitchen and give her breakfast. I wash the dishes.

7:30 am: I change Cupcake and we play in her room. We read lots of books. She tries to cuddle one of our cats, “Kitty.” Kitty loves Cupcake, but is appropriately cautious. She runs away and Cupcake cries.

8:15 am: I nurse Cupcake and get her ready for her AM nap.

8:30-10 am: We cuddle and I sing until she’s sleepy. She finally falls asleep. While she sleeps I start laundry, sweep the floors, plan out dinner for tonight, pack anything in her diaper bag we’ll need for today’s activities, get dressed and do some work online creating teacher materials.

10 am: She wakes up. I change her and nurse her

10:15 am: We head out for an activity. Today we are going grocery shopping, which she loves!

11:45 am: Get home, unload/put away groceries

12 pm: Change and nurse Cupcake. She falls asleep early for nap. I eat lunch! I make coffee. I switch around laundry and do prep work for dinner (chopping veggies and measuring out all seasonings) since the afternoon is always rushed!

1 pm: She wakes up. Change her and nurse her. We come downstairs and she crawls all over the living room after our cats.

2:15 pm: I get Cupcake ready for our afternoon adventure. We drive over to my grandma’s nursing home and visit with her. We stay until Cupcake gets cranky. She sleeps on the ride home. (She’s been trying to drop her third nap recently, so I’m glad she got one, even if it was only 15 min).

5 pm: Change Cupcake. Let Cupcake play while I start dinner. She hates this idea and cries non-stop. I put her in her high chair. I made puréed butternut squash for her yesterday that she hated. I had a bit I had saved for the adults. I grab a chunk and mash it on her tray like play dough. She plays happily while I finish making supper.

5:30 pm: Chris gets home and we eat dinner. We have Lazy Stuffed Peppers, a family favorite. Will post the recipe one of these days! Cupcake eats her “play dough” and I feel brilliant for outsmarting a 6 month old.

6 pm: We clean up dinner and give Cupcake her bath.

6:15 pm: We go upstairs with Cupcake to get her ready for bed. We change her and then read/sing lullabies.

6:30 pm: We put on sound machine (ocean waves or rain are her favorites!) and I nurse her. She falls asleep between 7 and 7:30

7:30 pm: Clean up downstairs. Do dishes. Switch around laundry. Pack Chris’ lunch for tomorrow. Take chicken out of freezer for tomorrow’s dinner. Sweep floor (two cats + crawling baby= ew). Cupcake wakes up crying. She’s teething and it has ruined her sleeping schedule, poor kid! I tuck her back in.

9:00 pm: Chris and I make a snack. I have my nightly oatmeal and almond milk. He has crackers and peanut butter. I may sneak a spoonful of peanut butter before he can put away the jar. We watch a tv show. During this time, Cupcake wakes up once. Dad snuggles her back to sleep.

9:45 pm: Get ready for bed. Pray Cupcake sleeps all night!
(She woke up at 1:15. Boo.)

So there it is, a day in the life. I think there’s another one of these later in the challenge. I will document with pictures next time!


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