Six Pet Peeves

My October Blog Challenge has assigned today to be six pet peeves.

1. Being Late

I totally get it. Sometimes it’s one of those days. Sometimes you hit every red light. Sometimes life gets in the way. I totally understand.

What I don’t understand is constant lateness. It irks me to the core. My friends know that if they tell me to be somewhere at 7, I’ll inevitably be there at 6:45. Being on time is cutting it too close in my mind.

Even being there five minutes after the scheduled time is understandable. Beyond that, I get twitchy. If you wanted to meet at 7:15, say that. If you know you’re always late… Set an earlier time for yourself and tell me a later time. Don’t text me 2 minutes before you’re supposed to arrive and tell me you haven’t even hopped in the shower yet. At that point, I’m already at said destination and I’m sitting there potentially alone. By the time you arrive, I’ll probably be pissed off you’re late.

Again, I get that life happens. Especially since Cupcake has arrived, I have shown up later to events than I have expected. However, this is a rare occurrence. When it’s habitual- just ugh. It’s rude and shows me you don’t value my time at all.

2. Slow walkers that block your path

One of my downfalls is that I am a fast-talker, fast-walker sorta person. I do appreciate a leisurely stroll in say, the reservoir. I do not appreciate getting stuck behind you and your five friends in the mall who have decided to walk in a giant horizontal line and totally block traffic.

Cute toddler? Slow grandma? Cool. Move to the side people. I’ve got places to go and I don’t need to hear about how Cousin Joey isn’t coming to Thanksgiving and isn’t that rude. Move outta my way. Please. Seriously, walk whatever pace you want, but don’t prevent others from doing the same.

3. Rudeness to Service Providers

Telemarketers do not have a crystal ball into your dining room, and do not know the exact time you eat dinner. They do know that your number is next on the list and they have to call so they can put dinner on the table for their own family. We all have caller ID now, right? Don’t know the number- Don’t pick up! It’s that simple.

Same goes for waitresses, fast food workers, bank tellers, store clerks. Sure, some can be jerks. But all you’re showing during your fit of rage is that you’re a jerk. You have no clue what’s going on in their world, so be as kind as you can, and if you can’t- leave! They are at work so they can’t leave. You chose to come in whatever the place is. Come back some other day if you have business that must be done. Go to a different restaurant. Just don’t be a jerk. It reflects poorly on you.

4. Being Facebook friends, but not acknowledging each other in the real world

Dude- I know you know who I am. Plus, I just smiled at you, which is the universal signal for “Hi. I don’t suck.” If you’ve liked the pictures of my wedding and when Cupcake was born, you clearly know who I am.

Facebook Friends doesn’t have to mean we hang out or that we ever will. It should mean you acknowledge my existence. Otherwise, why do you care about when Cupcake learned to crawl? If you don’t want to even recognize the fact we know each other, please unfriend me. I will not unfriend you because I will always say hi. I have just a few more wrinkles now, but I otherwise look the same. I know you know me.

5. People who always have to look perfect whenever their in public

I used to date a guy who said he could never wear sweatpants during the day because it made him feel gross. He was always fully dressed, with shoes on, until he went to bed. Every day. We were so not meant to be.

I’m all for personal hygiene. But, if you can’t bum around your house in sweat pants on a rainy day- who do you think you are?? I never understand those girls who can’t leave the house unless their makeup is done. I love wearing makeup, but it’s a choice and should never be something you must do. I don’t want Cupcake to ever think her face is anything that needs changing or altering. If she wants to wear makeup, cool! It’s like painting a picture and can be fun. If she feels like she needs it? I will feel like the biggest mommy failure ever.

I like to look nice just as most people do, but if you’re running to the grocery store and you have to get all gussied up in case you run into so-and-so…. I suggest you really take a hard look at yourself. And these so-and-so’s. If they care, they are not your friend and not worth your time.

I’m not saying show up in sweats to a job interview, but please stop feeling like every trip out of the house is that important.

6. Needing to Out-do everyone

Aww you have a bad cold and it’s hard because you’re a SAHM? That’s nothing! This one time blah blah blah my life is harder blah blah blah.

You’re tired? I’m tired blah blah blah let me invalidate you further blah blah blah.

Listen. Maybe it’s my own fault for opening my mouth for a complaint. I probably shouldn’t have. But, you certainly don’t need to tell me how much worse you have had it. Way to completely invalidate my feelings. Sure, my cold isn’t life threatening. But, I’m overwhelmed. It’s okay for me
to feel that way. Don’t feel like you always need to out do me.

Those are my top pet peeves. What about you? Are any of these on your list?


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