Momming at its Worst

Today was rough to say the least. I am sick and any SAHM knows that when you’re sick, nothing changes. There are no sick days when you’re sick. I can’t bring Cupcake to daycare and then come home to recoup. I wish I had a nanny who could watch her while I got a little nap. But, that’s the trade off of getting to be home.

I started the day off relatively okay. I got dressed (see OOTD post), I took Cupcake to the store for her Halloween costume, I did all the morning dishes, and then I hit the wall.

Cupcake was crying nonstop. She wouldn’t nurse. She wouldn’t nap. She didn’t want me to put her down both she wiggled her around like crazy if I held her. I tried baby wearing her. Nothing worked. To top it off, a cold I had been battling finally won out. So with a nose running like crazy, a terrible pain in my throat and a crying baby- I burst into tears. Big.Crocodile.they-don’t-call-it-ugly-crying-for-nothing.Tears.

Darling Cupcake took my face in both hands and started to laugh. And I kept crying, but just a little bit less.

It’s days like this that make me not want to write an honest account of my life. Part of me wants to post beautiful filtered Instagram pictures of the happiest moments. Sitting there, crying myself silly, in a pile of tissues isn’t exactly the image I want to project. But, it’s what happened.

Thankfully in a moment engineered by God, my sweetie was allowed to leave his rotation early and he came to rescue me! I took a Benadryl a little while ago and am just praying that Cupcake sleeps well so I can stay to kick this!

Mamas- how do you handle sick days with little ones? She obviously won’t sit there and watch movies all day with me at just six months old. Winter is fast approaching so I know there’s more days like this in the future. Help!


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