My October Goals

This month I’ll be joining Girl Meets Life on her October Blog Challenge.

My goals are as follows:

1. To blog everyday. This is important me as I love to write and share. It also is a good release for me while I am momming. I adore being a sahm, but sometimes I’d like to talk to someone who knows more than just how to cry. ‘Cause that’s fun. Right? Right? Yeaaa.

Well actually she does babble now, which makes life slightly more fun as she crawls towards me with her “mamamamama” and I like to think she’s a genius six month old that knows who I am. Anyways… Can you tell I really need to express myself? So writing every day.

2. To work out four days a week.

We welcomed Cupcake into our world six months ago. My body is different than it was before, and that’s okay, because I made a human and all. Sure, my husband helped (couldn’t have done it without you sweetie!) but I grew her and all. So, it isn’t the body I used to have and I’m okay with it.

I just lied so big.

Could you tell?

So I’m on the path towards making the best new body I can have. I bought an awesome jogging stroller for $30 at a consignment sale (shoutout to my amazing friend Nichole for protecting it for me until I arrived). I have weights at home, and so my goal is four days a week.

3. To keep nursing Cupcake

I have nursed her since day 1. It appears she has a sensitivity to dairy, so I’ve cut it out of my diet completely. As a cheese and chocolate loving girl, this has been extremely difficult, but it’s too important to me to stop now. My ultimate goal is to keep plugging along for as long as she wants, but in the short term it’s a month at a time.

4. To try out two new recipes a week

Due to my dietary restrictions, as well as my husband and I wanting to eat cleaner, 99% of the recipes I knew no longer work. My goal is to try two new recipes a week to hopefully bulk up our list of options!

5. To try and enjoy as much family time as possible!

My husband is in his last year of med school, which means residency is looming. It also means we most likely will be moving from this town I’ve lived in my whole life. I’m both excited and nervous! My sweetie is also in a relatively low-key rotation and it’s my favorite month. Needless to say, I’ll be trying to pack in all the fun we can to fill our memories for this time next year when things will most certainly be different.

How about you? What are your goals this month?


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